Do Timmy and Lena Break Up in Blockbuster?: Netflix’s new sitcom ‘Blockbuster’ tells the story of Timmy who is the manager of the last Blockbuster on the planet. The series goes on with his struggles to keep the store afloat and bring more subscriptions to the store.

The show moves along with efforts of Timmy trying to keep the store afloat and his romantic life because as a middle-aged man who lives with 3 roommates, he never has had a relationship and now his high school crush is back in his hometown and working with him, he seems his chances getting back up only to be shot down when she gets back with her husband who cheated on him.

Timmy’s friend Percy and Percy’s daughter try to get Timmy dates when they create an online dating profile and Timmy goes on 3 dates simultaneously, all thanks to Percy’s daughter Kayla this actually goes well but the 3 women end up getting along, and Timmy, not so much.

What happens afterward is, he does meet someone but not on the dating app but in the bar where he and Percy frequent, and they hit it off. After several dates, they seem to be enjoying each other’s company but Timmy remains confused about the status of the relationship later in the show, they both accept, and their relationship status is confirmed.

Timmy looks happy with Lena but his feelings for Eliza do not go away. He is still caring for Eliza and still tries to make effort when he finds her sad over her meeting Erin, the girl whom her husband cheated with. He also makes efforts when she badmouths Blockbuster in a job interview and tries to get her that job which makes it pretty clear that Timmy is not over Eliza.

However, Lena is aware of their close friendship but doesn’t know the full extent of Timmy’s feelings for Eliza she gets an idea about that in the solar flare Episode when people flock to the store to buy movies when the internet is out.

Timmy becomes upset when Aaron proposes to Eliza and at the same time, Lena talks about going on a date to which Timmy responds to Lena by addressing her as Eliza which makes Lena realize something else is going on and she calls off the date.

However, Lena hasn’t broken it off with Timmy which means there’s still a chance for Timmy to come clean about this. Officially, both of them are together and whatever advancements happen, those are for Season 2.



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