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WEIRD The Al Yankovic Story Movie: All Featured Parody Songs Full List

WEIRD The Al Yankovic Story Movie: ROKU Original WEIRD: The Al Yankovic Story tells the story of the weirdly famous Al Yankovic who made a career out of being weird and putting his own spin on the lyrics of already famous songs. By doing that, he not only made fame for himself but also helped the sales of the original songs as we’re shown in the film.

What we see is their journey of Al right from his childhood and what happened that got him to where he is, right now. His childhood where he wasn’t allowed to be who he is and the natural talent that he has to change the lyrics to a song that isn’t accepted in his house.

The film features some of Al Yankovic’s masterpieces that played an important role in finding the fame he has right now. So, we thought we’d give you the list of those songs that were featured in the film.

My Bologna (Parody of Knack’s “My Sharona”)

The first song that Al comes up with is when his roommates ask him to prepare sandwiches for them when he tells them that he can’t come up with the inspiration for a change in lyrics since he hasn’t done that for so long.

I Love Rocky Road (Parody of Arrows I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll)

When Al goes on stage to perform and create a rapport for himself with advice from the Scotti Brothers of the Scotti Brothers Records and also meets Dr. Demento there.

Another One Rides the Bus (Parody of Another One Bites The Dust by Queen)

Parody of the famous Queen song at the party of Dr. Demento when Wolfman Jack dares Al Yankovic to come up with a song on the spot to prove his talent.

Eat It (Parody of Beat It By Michael Jackson)

When Al starts to believe that no one is taking him seriously and he wants to create something original of himself so he goes on a trip when Dr. Demento gives him a guacamole filled with LSD and after that trip, he comes up with this song that he straight up takes it to the Scotti Brothers.

Like A Surgeon (Parody of Like A Virgin by Madonna)

When Madonna negatively influences Al to the point that he pushes his friends away and gets into an accident after he drives drunk and goes straight to the ER where he wakes up and asks that doctor played by Lin-Manuel Miranda to get him paper and pencil and finds Madonna giving him alcohol and they go straight to the concert where he performs this song.

Amish Paradise (Parody of Gangsta’s Paradise by Coolio)

When Al makes up with his father and his father tells him the reason why he was so hard on him during his childhood and his father tells him a story with his sketchbook that he grew up Amish and the lyrics Al finds which his father wrote that he performs after he makes up with his band mates.

Fat (Parody of “Bad” by Michael Jackson)

This one is not in the film but it is hinted when Al is with his parents and his mother has gotten fat and she hints at this song to him by saying “You know, I’m fat. I’m fat and you know it” and looks at Al in hopes he’ll get it but he doesn’t.



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