‘Delete’ Series Episode 4: June got the camera, so she deleted Lilly? To know the answer, let’s recap episode 4. We are covering the Episode wise recap for the Netflix original show ‘Delete’ and you can also check that.

June went to the teacher to participate in the Crown Jewel competition because the teacher wanted her to participate. She also talked about her daughter, who was similar to June. In the staff room, she found a cross necklace in the teacher’s bag, and a boy saw her. The boy asked her why she was stealing her mom’s rosary beads, but June replied that she didn’t steal anything.

Let’s go back one month before Lilly’s disappearance. In the girls’ washroom, June stole a perfume from her friend’s purple bag. Later, they started interrogating another girl and bullied her because they thought she stole the perfume. After this, June told Lilly that she wanted to change schools because she was not their real daughter. Her stepfather admitted her to a boarding school, so it was only Lilly who understood June. Later, Lilly polished June’s nails, which showed how close they were.

However, June was also an expert at stealing, so she stole a blue nail polish from Lilly’s drawer. June also understood the pain Lilly experienced in her relationship with Mr. Too. June also knew that her brother was a bad guy. Lilly didn’t confess whether she still loved Mr. Too or not in front of June. But in this scene, while June was talking to Lilly, June kissed her, revealing that June is a lesbian. However, after that, Lilly didn’t talk about how their bond was broken. For June, Lilly was so important because after her mom died, Lilly was the only one who could understand her.

One day, she found Lilly kissing Aim, which broke her heart because she loved Lilly. She took a photo of them, the same photo that is now viral on social media. After this, she also hurt Lilly’s horse, which we saw in the first episode. Later, Mr. Too asked her why she did that, and then June showed him the picture, revealing how Mr. Too found out about Lilly’s affair. June also found that book and cut out the sign that Aim made for Lilly. Let’s rewind back to the scene on Lilly’s birthday. Lilly went into the bathroom, and June was present in her home. She found the camera and took it from Lilly’s bag.

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After that, she returned to her room. When she turned on the camera, she found two buttons: “Circle” and “Rectangular.” She first pressed the Circle button and took a selfie, but she didn’t disappear. Later, she clicked on the Rectangular button and found all the photos taken with the camera, all of them in black and white with faces not visible. After this, she took a photo of a cat, and the cat vanished. Later, she took a photo of Lilly while Lilly was trying to call Aim. So why was Lilly in the church submitting the camera and talking about the sin she committed?

Delete Netflix Series

Now, let’s go back to Aim. He is a popular writer, but after the viral affair photo, he lost respect from people. When he looked closely at the Twitter photo, he noticed the reflection of June in another car. Let’s go back to June. She confessed her commitment but still had the camera with her. The beads that June stole from the teacher’s bag, she placed them back, but the teacher’s son, Tong, threw them away as he didn’t want to remember his sister, whom the teacher was talking about to June.

Aim arrived at the school to find June. He asked her about the phone, and at that time, Tong arrived and saved June. Later, we see Ploysai and other girls find the perfume that June stole, and other students also found their stuff. After bullying June, Ploysai, the leader of the girls, found the camera from June and tried to take a photo of her to post online, but she didn’t. Ploysai took the camera with her and locked June in the bathroom. June stayed there the whole day, and the next day, when she came out of the bathroom, she went to Ploysai and asked for the camera, but Ploysai threw it into the water. June took it out and clicked a photo of herself.

June deleted Lilly and also a schoolgirl, Ploysai. It’s clear now who made Lilly vanish. However, while she was making Ploysai vanish, Tong saw her in the church. So, we have a new witness. Let’s see what happens to him after he learns about the camera and its function. T

hings are getting more interesting as we see that the camera completely erases the existence of the people whose pictures are captured by it. But it doesn’t work as a selfie or on objects. Let’s find out what will happen next and how Aim will retrieve the camera.

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