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‘Delete’ Series Episode 3: Recap, Summary And Ending Explained

‘Delete’ Series Episode 3: A photo of Aim and Lilly went viral on social media, and now we know who has that camera. As we are recapping episode by episode, let’s discuss episode 3.

After the fight, Aim ran into the farm, and Mr. Too followed him, intending to shoot. In the tall grass, they began searching for each other. As Mr. Too was familiar with the farm, he found Aim and fired at him, but Aim managed to escape from the farmhouse.

Later, we met a detective named Captain Yutthachai, who was working on missing persons cases. First, he got a special case on Lilly, and later he found Miss Araya. On the other side, Mr. Too assumed that Aim didn’t know about Lilly, but he suspected that Aim knew something. Nicha, the nurse of Orn, met with Aim as she tried to contact Orn but couldn’t find her.

Nicha informed Aim that Orn’s mother had fallen from the bed and was injured. Orn’s mother was in the advanced stage of Alzheimer’s, and Nicha wanted to get in touch with Orn. Aim said that Orn might be in a poor signal area in China, but Nicha mentioned that whenever Orn went somewhere, she used to inform her. So, Nicha asked Aim again if Orn had said anything. Nicha suspected that something had happened to her, but Aim reassured her that everything was okay.

'Delete' Series
‘Delete’ Series

Later, when Aim returned home, he found Orn’s phone in the drawer and replied to Nicha from it. Thinking it was Orn, Nicha started a video call. However, Aim didn’t answer and put the phone aside. He also removed all of Orn’s belongings from his home. After an interview, Aim noticed people gossiping and went to see what was happening. He discovered that someone had posted a kissing photo of Lilly and Aim on social media, accusing them of cheating.

In another scene, Captain Yutthachai met with Mr. Too for the investigation. He asked about the arm injury to Mr. Too, but Mr. Too claimed it was just a riding accident. Yutthachai searched Lilly’s room and learned that four people were living in the house. Mr. Too stated that the father, stepsister, Lilly, and he were the only members of the household. While searching the storage room, Yutthachai discovered that Lilly had a miscarriage and later asked about Lilly’s affair. However, Mr. Too replied that he found out about it through a news report.

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After that, Yutthachai went to the stable, where Mr. Too told him to go and search for the writer. Yutthachai went to Aim’s apartment and, during the interrogation, learned about Orn as well. Aim mentioned that Orn had just found out about their affair and decided to move out. After the interrogation, Captain Yutthachai met with Nicha. On the other side, Mr. Too’s stepsister June posted Lilly’s photo.

Yutthachai called Aim for another interrogation because, after talking to Nicha, Yutthachai realized that Aim hadn’t confessed to their breakup in front of Nicha. Yutthachai understood that Aim was lying. Yutthachai reviewed CCTV footage and discovered that he didn’t see Orn leaving her house, but he saw Aim with Lilly going in and out. This made Aim angry, and he slammed the table, demanding to know why Lilly was called when Orn was at home.

As the camera was broken, Orn was not at home. Captain Yutthachai had a hearing problem due to a gunshot, and he also mentioned a girl who had gone missing from a supermarket. Yutthachai declared that he would solve this missing case.

Later, we saw how June was bullied in her school. In the church, she confessed that she had committed a sin and then submitted a camera, the mysterious camera. So, if June had the camera, she might be behind Lilly’s disappearance. Let’s see what actually happened.

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