The Witcher Season 3 Episode 5: An illusion is everywhere; the Conclave will reveal many secrets. Let’s know all the secrets. As we are covering an episode-wise recap, let’s talk about episode 5. You can also check the recap of Previous episodes for a clear understanding.

It starts when Geralt and Yennefer arrive at the Conclave. People from all over the world gather there, and everyone is watching Geralt the Witcher. Soon, Yennefer introduces everyone to Geralt, including Stregobor. Yennefer advises Geralt to control himself. Sabrina tries to seduce Geralt, but he stays strong for Yennefer.

Geralt then meets Dijkstra, who demands Ciri from him, but Geralt denies it and leaves. Istredd and Yennefer meet as Istredd was Yennefer’s first love. Soon, everyone starts a traditional dance, and a beautiful dance scene reveals many truths. After that, a fight between Istredd and Geralt breaks out, creating chaos. Moments later, everybody thanks Yennefer for organizing the conclave.

Now, let’s delve into what actually happened. Yen and Geralt must collect proof against Stregobor, and they realize that whoever is present at the Conclave is making some plan. The Conclave is filled with disguised people, and it continuously plays with your mind. Philippa meets Tissaia, and now she wants to talk to Yennefer. Later, Geralt meets Stregobor, who wants to eliminate creatures like Witchers.

Since Geralt doesn’t like him, he leaves. Later, Yennefer learns about the book of Monoliths from Istredd. Yennefer has never heard of it before, but Istredd explains that nobody has heard about it. However, the book grants the holder the ability to travel through time and space. Tissaia and Istredd discover that Stregobor has the book. Yennefer informs Geralt about the book that Stregobor stole.

The Witcher Season 3
The Witcher Season 3

Everything points to Stregobor. From the first episode, we saw him, and now we can understand that he is planning something. Yennefer tries to steal the book, so they need to create a distraction for Yennefer to escape. That’s why Geralt starts a fight with Istredd to distract everyone. In that scene, Yennefer successfully executes the plan and reaches Stregobor’s room, where she finds a coffin, which Tissaia and Istredd saw in their vision. There is a butterfly in the coffin, but Yennefer doesn’t notice it.

The butterfly goes to Stregobor and alerts him. Inside the coffin, Yennefer finds a necklace and some items that belong to the lost girls. Soon after, Stregobor arrives, followed by Geralt. It is revealed that Stregobor has been corrupting portals, kidnapping young girls, and torturing them in his quest to find Ciri. Teryn is also an experiment of Stregobor. All the sorcerers arrive and expose the truth about Stregobor.

They also find the book of Monoliths in Stregobor’s possession. Stregobor is arrested for his actions, bringing a happy ending to his story. Afterward, Geralt proposes to Yennefer, and they express their love through a kiss. However, Yennefer is still thinking about Philippa. While they are talking, Yennefer sees Lydia Van Bredevoort, who is revealed to be working with Rience. Later, Philippa talks about her broken friendship with Tissaia. She tried to warn Tissaia about not being with Vilgefortz, but Tissaia didn’t listen. Yennefer says that Tissaia is also fighting for the Brotherhood.

Lastly, Philippa makes Yennefer aware and leaves. Geralt is left pondering about Lydia. While talking with Vilgefortz, Geralt hears him mention “The Battle to come.” Yennefer wonders why Vilgefortz, who is supposedly helping her for peace, is talking about a battle.

Now the twist comes up. While examining the coffin of Stregobor, Yennefer finds a necklace of Ammonite. Remember the Scarlet Ammonite? It was rumored to protect loved ones. Witcher remembers that the Scarlet Ammonite is only found in the mines in West Redania, where he found those girls locked in the castle. Yennefer recalls the black mountain that she reached through the portal, which turns out to be a painting of Vilgefortz. That’s why Philippa is angry with Tissaia and makes Yennefer aware of it. Vilgefortz gave Tissaia that bracelet, which Lydia was also wearing. So, the culprit is not Stregobor; it’s Vilgefortz.

The Witcher Season 3
The Witcher Season 3

After that, Geralt leaves the room and finds chaos in the entire castle. Yennefer is trying to locate Tissaia as she is in danger. Right then, we see Dijkstra holding a sharp knife to Geralt’s neck and saying, “Should have chosen a side, Witcher.” That’s how episode 5, as well as Volume 1 of Witcher season 3, ends. The story takes a huge turn and becomes more interesting. Now, we have to wait until July 27 for Volume 2. In the meantime, Volume 1, along with the five episodes, is currently streaming on Netflix with Hindi and English audio, along with subtitles.

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