‘Delete’ Series Episode 6: We finally know that Lilly was not deleted; she was kidnapped. Let’s find out what actually happened that day. To find the answer, let’s recap episode 6.

On the night of her birthday, Lilly was sleeping with Me. Too. She woke up at night, took the car, and left the house. So, this is about the night Lilly disappeared. After leaving the house, she saw a message from Aim. Instead of replying, she tried to call him. While searching for the phone in her bag, she realized it was missing, as we know June had already stolen that phone.

Soon after, a police car stopped her. It was Yutthachai; he punched her and broke her phone but couldn’t find the photo-capturing phone. Yutthachai later kidnapped her. This is how Lilly disappeared.

When Lilly opened her eyes, she found herself handcuffed in a room. Yutthachai asked her where that phone was. Lilly said she had already lost that phone. Yutthachai didn’t believe her and shot her in the leg. Now we know the name of the girl who was deleted in the first episode; she is Claire, and her mother is talking with Lilly. Yutthachai is also her father.

While Lilly was being held hostage, she saw all the news happening outside. Lilly asked Claire’s mother why they kidnapped her. Here, Claire’s mother clarified the process to bring back the deleted person. She said that after finding the phone, if they deleted Lilly, then Claire could come back. So, as Claire got deleted, the photographer of Claire is Lilly. If anybody deletes Lilly, then Claire can come back. In the previous episodes, Yutthachai deleted June so that Ploysai could come back.

Claire’s mother was talking about the past. She was a nurse where Claire used to come and talk with patients. But soon, the patients of the hospital started vanishing. Claire’s mother soon discovered the truth. Claire was personally attached to Natcha. One day, Claire took a picture and vanished Natcha, as Claire’s mother saw. Natcha wanted that because she didn’t want to see her parents suffer and waste too much money on her recovery. After this, Claire faced trauma, so she left one day, saying that she would make everything alright. Yutthachai found CCTV footage in the supermarket showing how Claire disappeared and that Lilly had that phone.

'Delete' Series
‘Delete’ Series

After Claire deleted all the hospital patients, they came back again. After hearing all of this, Lilly requested Claire’s mother that she have a baby, so they should wait until her birth. One night, Lilly managed to escape by removing the handcuffs and locking them onto Claire’s mother. Lilly went to a supermarket, got a phone from a supermarket guy, and called her husband, Mr.Too. However, the supermarket guy informed the police, so Yutthachai came back and vanished the supermarket guy as well. Mr.Too finally reached there, and both of them were looking for Lilly. After a tension-filled chasing sequence, Yutthachai finally found her.

In the end, Yutthachai took a photo and deleted Lilly. Mr.Too was unable to save her, but he saw everything. Now Claire will come back, but how long will this be repeated? Let’s see what happens next.

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