After a long night, it looks like every piece is in its perfect place, but let’s wait for a new twist again. As we discuss episode-wise recaps, it’s time to delve into the final episode of this series and also provide an ending explanation.

Let’s go back into the past when Aim lived with Orn. He had a beautiful life with her. One day, after talking with her, Aim left for an interview with Lilly. That was the first time he met Lilly. Ms. Lilly, who runs a photo gallery that was actually her husband’s, asked Aim to visit the exhibition first. Later, with Lilly, Aim understood her drawings and also understood her. That day, Aim looked at her and fell deeply for her.

Now, let’s go back to the present. Aim is in his room, watching the news. Lilly, in front of the news, admitted that their affair is over, as the police found nobody in Yutthachai’s house.

On the other side, June returns to Tong in the hospital. Later, she also meets Lilly. But this time, Lilly hugs her and accepts everything. Mr. Too is building their baby’s home. Mr. Too still has that phone, and Lilly takes it and sees the photos. Lilly doesn’t want anyone to use this phone again.

June meets Tong in his house and tells him that Lilly broke her heart. So, she feels comfortable now in front of Tong, which is why she shared it with him. Tong says he can understand her feelings, but Lilly asks how he can understand, questioning if he has ever loved somebody. And then, Tong sees her.

In another scene, we see Lilly in Aim’s apartment. Lilly has an idea to get back Orn. She suggests deleting Aim so that when Orn returns, Orn can delete Lilly to get back Aim. All she wants is to request Lilly to come back into his life, but he knows that Lilly can’t, so he asks her to leave the house. After this, Lilly throws the phone into the river, ensuring that nobody can misuse it.

In the first episode, Orn gifted a book to Aim, and now Aim finds a picture in it. On the back of the picture, she proposed to Aim with a ring and asked him to marry her. The next day, he goes to meet Orn and tells the old lady that Orn will come back soon. Soon after, Aim reveals the true story behind his famous book. The entire story of his survival in the jungle was just a lie. He was just a kid who ran away from his Buddhist retreat, and after the story became so famous, he was afraid of telling the truth. He made this public confession to come clean.

Later that night, he calls Mr. Too and asks him for a favor, wanting that phone and to disappear from the real world. He goes to Mr. Too and he clicks a photo and deletes him. On the other side, Lilly arrives at his apartment after seeing the public confession. After she reaches there, she finds Orn back.

Now comes a twist. Orn has one more secret camera in her bedroom, where she discovers what happened that night and how she was deleted.

On the other side, June deletes all the photos of Lilly from her Instagram. And Lilly also returns to her home. A maid informs her that Mr. Too is in the stable, so she goes there. In the stable, she finds something strange—a steel underground corridor where flies are buzzing. When she reaches the bottom, she finds some boxes filled with a foul smell. Lilly opens one of the boxes and discovers something very strange. After that, Mr. Too arrives in the basement and opens all the boxes.

Flies buzz around them because the boxes are filled with decomposed dead bodies, emitting a stench. Meanwhile, Lilly is deleting photos on Instagram and finds a photo of Thong, Tong’s sister. On the other side, Mr. Too deletes all those dead bodies using that camera. In the very end moment, Lilly, who is still inside the basement, unable to control herself, makes a noise. Later, we hear footsteps coming toward her, and then the whole series ends with Lilly screaming.

The whole series is full of suspense and thrills. It starts with a mysterious camera and an affair. The camera has the power to delete a person’s existence, and the affair creates all the chaos. Soon after, it turns into a horrific dark series, revealing people’s foolishness and how they desire to delete someone.

Deleting a person is similar to killing them. In the last episode, we see Mr. Too, who kills some individuals and completely removes their existence using that camera. On the other side, it also shows love. Aim deleted his girlfriend for Lilly, but later Lilly didn’t choose him. Also, Mr. Too, a loyal guy, discovers that his wife is having an affair with another guy. June, who loves Lilly, gets betrayed by her. So, it’s love that created this mess, and because of it, Aim, Lilly, Mr. Too, and June try to delete or “kill” someone.

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  1. Stina Hadley on

    I still don’t understand the ending. It left us hanging. Do we assume he kills Lily? What about June? What did she discover? I was going to recommend this in Facebook’s Binge or Cringe group, but I won’t because of the abrupt and question-filled ending.

    Also, this article didn’t explain the ending either.

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