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Death And Other Details Episode 5 Update, Release Date

Death And Other Details Episode 5: Hulu presents a ten-episode crime thriller investigation series. An engaging show with so many twists and turns. The show revolves around a crime that happened on a Mediterranean sailing ship. A group of wealthy people was traveling on the ship, and one of them is a killer.

Death and Other Details” is a complete package of suspense, mystery, and thrilling elements. Each episode ends with a cliffhanger twist. The show is made up of a total of ten episodes. The fourth episode was already released this week, and the expectations for the next episode are very high. Let’s find out when the fifth episode will be released on Hulu.

The latest episode was released this week, which is the fourth one. Like every other episode, this particular episode also ended with a bang, twist, and mystery. The murder of Keith Trubitsky caused a lot of issues among the wealthy passengers of the SS Varuna cruise ship. They all have so many hidden secrets, each one of them gets revealed in every episode.

In the first episode, there was a sole suspect, in the second episode, it went to Leila, the third episode suspect was Jules, and the latest episode was a totally different perspective. The current suspect is Teddy’s sister, aka cruise ship staff Minnie. Teddy had a secret affair with the lawyer Rufus, and Imogene Scott found out. Interpol caught Jules, who is a prime suspect for many robberies and fraud cases. Interpol has been looking for him for years, and finally, they caught him.

The fifth episode will feature Rufus Coteworth and Leila’s joined investigation. Leila’s inputs will reveal more truth about who Viktor Sam is. The fifth episode is scheduled to release next week, February 6. There will be a single episode every Tuesday from now on until the last episode, which is the tenth episode. Viewers are already in high expectations for the upcoming episodes; let’s see how many secrets will be revealed in the next episode.

The 5th episode of the show will be streaming on Hulu on February 6th,2024 in English audio along with, with English subtitles. The first four episodes are available on Hulu, and You may check recaps for all four episodes on our website.


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