Death And Other Details Episode 4: Hulu presents a suspense thriller investigation series with complete package of mysteries and twists. Each episode ending with a cliffhanger twist. The plot revolves around a murder got happened on a luxury cruise ship, who the real killer is, becomes the rest of the story.

The fourth episode started with past event happened six months before the murder. It’s a past event from the life of Cruise ship owner Sunil. He was walking through a street, suddenly some street thugs took their knife and started threatening him and grabbed his iPhone. Suddenly the alias Jules came to the spot, he fought with the thugs and saved Sunil.

Sunil took him for a dinner treat, told about his cruise ship. He is currently looking for a employee as head of security for his cruise ship called Varuna. His ship got booked by Colliers family for a vacation journey of wealthy people.

Rufus Coteworth started explaining about the possibility of Jules being the real killer of Danny. Sunil got cheated by Jules to take over the duty of head of security. Sunil blindly accepted him as a trustable assistant, but still his records were shows legit. Jules had a dozen of fake passports and credit cards. Jules Toussaint aka Javier Deleone is a wanted culprit in three countries for robbery, assault and wire fraud.

Javier is a career criminal with a violent past. Agent Hilde had a meeting with crew members and told everyone to stop travelers going in or out of the rooms. Agent Hilde initiated the search for Javier across the ship.

Javier tied up Imogene Scott inside the secret engine room of the ship. He confirmed that he had no connection with Leila Collier. Javier took Imogene in to another room and showed three people. They are refugees from Ukraine, if Interpol see’s them, they will ship them back to Ukraine. Javier is a man, who had a past of losing parents due to such incidents, so he started helping refugees through the ship. Imogene talked with a little girl from refugees and she thought that the girl witnessed something during the time of murder.

Imogene Scott had a request to Javier to call Rufus Coteworth to down base, she insisted that she won’t work alone. Imogene met with Rufus and took him to the secret engine room, unfortunately Sunil followed them on their way. Sunil had a clash Javier inside the engine room, Sunil was so much angry because of the cheating and suspicious activity inside his ship.

A kid refugee confirmed that she witnessed Teddy wearing a Golden spike along with Llewellyn Mathers. They two had secret sex during the time of Keith’s murder. Rufus put Teddy on custody by her sister Minnie came and confessed that she killed Keith Trubitsky.

The fourth episode ended with Javier surrendering in front of Interpol and Imogene and Sunil helped the Ukraine refugees to escape from the ship. Rufus Coteworth met Leila in a secret engine room, she started giving hints about Danny’s real murderer. She already know who is Viktor Sam and the killer. Let’s find out what are the secrets going to reveal on upcoming episodes.

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