Hazbin Hotel Episode 4 : “Hazbin Hotel” is an ongoing Amazon Prime Video original American adult animated comedy show available on Prime Video with an A certification. The jokes shown in the show are totally for adults, so don’t watch this show with your kids. We have already posted a recap of the previous three episodes; now it’s time for episode 4.

Episode 4 begins with Angel being stuck at one place. Angel was kidnapped by a demon, but after that, we see that it was a “p**n film of Angel.” Angel said this is his best film. Pentious was seeing everything, but he didn’t say anything.

The bartender was roasting everyone. He roasted Angel and said to the Angel that he’s fake. Angel said that’s why he’s an actor. Charlie said to the Angel that we have to finish the exercises, but the Angel was very angry. Charlie was trying to make it up for Angel. Charlie said she will be the aggressive boss of Angel. Angel was shooting for his upcoming film with Valentino.

The shooting of the new film started, and suddenly Charlie came. Angel was shocked to see Charlie at that place. Charlie wanted to take the Angel from there. Valentino welcomed Charlie by licking her hand. Valentino said to Charlie that he will make her a star. Charlie said she came to speak about Angel.

The shooting starts again; Charlie said she will help, but due to Charlie, one short circuit happened. Valentino was very angry after that. Valentino said, “We will do the cleaning.” Valentino took Angel to the dressing room, and Valentino slapped Angel.

Valentino was so angry, and he started beating Angel. Angel was feeling uncomfortable, and Angel went outside the dressing room, and he said to Charlie to leave. Charlie said sorry to Angel. The shooting resumes; Angel starts dancing and singing for his upcoming film.

Angel gets back to the hotel and grabs a drink from the bartender. The Angel wants a strong drink. The Angel was trying to flirt with the bartender; he was acting, and the bartender again said fake to him.

Angel leaves the ground area aggressively. Charlie was telling to Vaggie that she did things worst in the studio. Charlie was again and again saying that she makes things worst. Angel went into a bar, and he was enjoying with people in the bar.

Husk also arrives at the bar, and he takes Angel back to the hotel. Angel was feeling very aggressive again; Husk tried to show care to Angel. Angel was trying to make Husk understand that it is not an act, that is Angel’s personality for real. Angel was saying that it hurts him so much. Husk understood, and he apologized. Husk was telling about his regrets because of that Alastor took Husk.

Husk starts singing a song for Angel; he was boosting the confidence of Angel. Angel also joined Husk in singing. They both were chilling out; suddenly one demon attacked, and Angel saved Husk. Both of them are again good friends and feeling happy with each other. Angel gets back to the hotel, and Charlie apologizes to Angel. Charlie was crying, and the angel said it’s okay; Charlie was happy to know that Angel forgave her. And the episode 4 ends.

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