Alexander The Making of a God Episode 1 : Netflix original newly released a six-episode historical documentary mini-series about Alexander the Great, the warrior who lived. This documentary tells the path Alexander took in conquering the Persian Empire and becoming a well-known warrior in the world. We are also going to tell you about the Episode-wise recaps of the show. Here goes the Episode 1.

The episode starts with an old lady telling that a great war is coming, the war between Alexander the Great and Darius, the king of kings. Alexander fights for his country and its glory, while on the other end, Darius, a Persian king, is determined to defend his empire.

The lady questions who will be victorious and who will prevail. We see clippings of interviews with archaeologists and researchers. It starts with Dr. Salima Ikram and Prof. Lloyd Llewellyn talking about Alexander and his greatness. They say Alexander was the greatest military mind of all time.

Dr. Pepi Papakosta is dedicated to finding information and remains that can tell about Alexander from Alexandria. Alexander receives an invitation to a wedding between neighboring warlords at the Macedonian capital, and when he goes back, his year in exile ends. Alexander reaches the capital with Hephaestion. Alexander and Hephaestion have a relationship.

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Alexander meets his mother and asks about the sudden invitation. Alexander and his father, King Philip, meet each other and start talking about the reason why he got exiled back then.

A year ago, an incident happened that led to Alexander getting exiled from Macedonia. General Attalus told Alexander that he is a bastard and not Philip’s son, triggering Alexander. Although Philip warned his son, Alexander, he did not warn General Attalus. Now that father and son have met, King Philip asks his son Alexander to be on his side for fighting Persians, their old enemy.

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Alexander agrees to join hands with his father. As King Philip starts giving a speech, one of his guards takes a knife and stabs him from the back. Everyone gets shocked, and suddenly Alexander checks upon his father, takes the sword and crown, and starts his speech. Alexander declares that he will avenge his father’s death to Persians and declares war on them.

The Persian Empire is very big, and Macedon is very small; Persian is enormous compared to Macedon. Philip’s young daughter gets killed by Olympias, and seeing that, Eurydice, Philip’s new wife, commits suicide. But Alexander has doubts about it and warns Eurydice not to cause any more killings. Babylon is the center of the Persian Empire. Cut to Babylon; we see Darius is not from a royal family, but his wife, Stateira, is from a Persian royal family.

General Memnon comes to Darius and informs that King Philip is killed by his guard, and now his son Alexander took the throne. Darius commands General Memnon to attack their troops who are here. General Memnon marches to the west and slaughters Alexander’s army. Alexander gets the news and tells his mother that he needs to start now.

At the end of the episode, General Attalus of the Macedonian army gets a bribe letter from Darius. Attalus declines the offer, stays loyal to the king, and sends the letter to Alexander to show his loyalty to Macedon. Alexander starts his journey with the army; as the first stage, he orders to kill Attalus because Attalus could come above Alexander at any time, so he cuts off that thread. Memnon comes to Darius and delivers the message that Attalus got killed, and the young king is coming.

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This was all about the Alexander The Making of a God Episode 1 reap, summary and explained. What do you think about it? Please let us know in comments.


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