Rufus Coteworth In In ‘Death And Other Details Actor Name: Hulu presents a ten-episodic mystery crime thriller revolving around a renowned family and the suspicious murder that takes place on their luxurious private sailing cruise trip To Celebrate the retirement of patriarch Lawrence. The Connection between an 18-year-old mysterious death of a woman and the unexpected murder of a man which took place on a cruise ship after years is the core plot of this show.

Rufus Coteworth is the greatest detective ever known for solving so many mysterious cold murders which is hard to uncover by most of the detectives. He used to say these important words,”pay attention, details matter, if you want to solve a crime, any crime, you must first learn to see through the illusion, illusions are everywhere “.

After his thirty years of detective career,he was almost convinced that his detective career going to end and the only black mark he felt in his entire career was,he couldn’t keep up the promise he had given to the ten-year-old child Imogene Scott. He is the only person who finds out that little Imogene Scott is not insane but a brilliant child with ideas.

Rufus Coteworth Character is played by Mandel Bruce Patinkin is an American actor and singer, known for his work in musical theatre, television, and film.He is a critically acclaimed Broadway performer known for his collaborations with Stephen Sondheim and Andrew Lloyd Webber. He is known for his leading roles on stage and screen and has received numerous accolades including a Tony Award, a Primetime Emmy Award as well as nominations for seven Drama Desk Awards, three Golden Globe Awards.

Rufus Coteworth never worked alone in any case, he always had an assistant. His most trustable assistant was Danny, the mysterious man who was always with him and also present at Collier estate during the visit to meet Imogene Scott. Rufus Coteworth is a cunning old man with an unbelievable thinking process, he can predict each movement of others, be it a murder or a victim,he always had a knack for separating a liar and a good person.

Rufus Coteworth made many special codes in his career to make his job easier, these codes are very hard to crack and the people whom he trusted the most only know the trick. After little Imogene Scott & Rufus Coteworth’s interaction, Imogene cracked the code and that’s the turning point for Rufus Coteworth where he found out Imogene is a girl with a brilliant mind.

The final case of his entire career is on the edge and he wants Imogene to be part of that investigation makes the character more emotionally connected to the girl. In the upcoming episodes, Rufus Coteworth will unveil the truth behind both mysterious deaths and the real person behind Viktor Sam’s identity.

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That’s all about the character of Rufus. If you have any questions regarding it, feel free to ask in the comment section.



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