Code 8 2 Part 2 – What Powers Does Pavani Have?: Code 8: Part II is a Canadian action adventure sci-fi superhero drama film that is a sequel to the 2019 popular film Code 8 and is directed by Jeff Chan who also directed the first part of this film and written by Chris Pare, Jeff Chan, and Sherren Lee and the plot of this film follows the superpower where 4 per cent of the people of the Lincoln City is having a superpower and more details which we see in this film.

In this article, I am going to cover all the details about the character named Pavani as she is a major character in this film who is basically 14 years old girl and I cover her power, her story, and everything in this article.

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As the plot moves, we are introduced to the major character named Pavani who is a 14-year-old girl and living with her brother Tarak alone at the complex apartment which is located near the Monument Hill Towers. we find that she is a very bright student and always gets A grades and their income is low and they have struggled with the money problem where we find that for the special program, they are required books.

Later, we find that Pavani is part of People With Powers and she has the power of Transducer which means that she can able to convert one form of energy into another form and she is also can able to interpret the electric signal in her mind and able to signals them as she can act as a sensor which means she can read digital data and able to interpect that data into signal.

Pavani can also able to manipulate the signal data as they are stored. For the money they want for the book, Tarak asks Garrett for the promotion but he feels that he is not ready for that money, he wants to bribe money which police leave at the sit but Sergeant King is able to find him and he tries to hide but he died with the K9 robotic dogs.

After that, we see that at the end of the film, Pavani uses her power and is able to transmit the video data as the data is stored inside the K9 robotic dogs and inserted the data into a camera memory which belongs to the news reporting crew as she wanted to public to know the truth about the corrupt police and she able to do that and she returns to her normal life with Connor.

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This is all the details about Pavani and about her power and what she can can able to do with her powers which you find in this article. Let me know in the comment box.



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