Code 8 Part 2 Review: Code 8: Part II is a Canadian Sci-Fi action drama film and is a sequel to the 2019 popular film Code 8 and is directed by Jeff Chan who also directed the first film of Code 8 and the lead character of this film is the same from the previous film and is Written by Chris Pare, Jeff Chan, and Sherren Lee. The plot of this show centres around a teenage girl who is being fought to get justice for his brother which we see in this film.

In this article, I am going to review this film and tell you about the plot and the story which makes it clear whether you have plans to watch this film or not along with the acting, performance, story, and more which I cover in this article.

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The story of this show moves around the people of Lincoln City and 4% of the people in that country follow special abilities and have powers the story of this show is mainly focused on the journey of a girl who is fighting for justice for her brother who is being got into the world of the corrupt police and he became the witness for the police and more which we see in this film.

After that, the plot of this film begins where part I ends where Connor is getting out of prison and Garrett wants to help but he refuses and begins his journey as a janitor and the story moves around 14-year-old girl Pavani and who wants to take help from the Garrett and he is the one who is dealing with the drug trade and runs his business from Hill Towers complex and what happened to her.

The story of this film lags in the middle of the story and feels a little stretched with the plot and the story feels a little simple as compared to the first film but the action scene is good but not better than expected. The cinematography of this film is too good but VFX lags with some shots and makes us break throughout the film as this film is cinematography by Marie Davignon and is perfect to watch.

The acting done by Robbie Amell and Stephen Amell is perfect and also child actress Sirena Gulamgaus done a perfect role with her performance but other actors performances feel cringe and they try to put their performance but its lags and the BGM of this film is making us excited and eager to know what happened next in that shots and the camera angle is perfect and they able to cuts the shots and makes goods.

This film is worth watching for the fans of the first part as it continues and makes a decent sequel and able to entertain us with the story and the sci-fi plot and is worth watching during this weekend whereas if you are the new audited than you may try this if you like sci-fi superhero film and wants to try something different from Marvel and DC.

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This is all the details of this film and this film is now streaming on Netflix in English, Hindi, Tamil, and more languages along with subtitles.


Code 8 Part 2 Review

A Deserving Sci-Fi Sequel

This film is worth watching for the fans of the first part as it continues and makes a decent sequel and able to entertain us with the story and the sci-fi plot.

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