“Ishura” Episode 9 : “Ishura” is a twelve-episodic dark anime series based on the best-selling manga of the same Name. The anime adaptation is currently streaming now on Disney plus Hotstar with only Five Episodes, while the rest will come weekly. In this article, we are gonna discuss a recap of the eighth episode but before this let’s have a quick recap of the story of this Anime series.

There was an age of The Demon King where he controlled the whole world but after his death, all the heroes around the world gathered together to prove their powers.

The previous episode was so good. We see the war started between Mage City & Lithia. We also got a glimpse of the power of Alus & Kia. But, Higuare is dead now. Let’s see what will happen next. The world’s largest city, Aureatia proceeds with the selection of a hero, while the leader of the new Principality of Lithia, Taren seeks new order & governs through fear.

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Finally, we see Soujirou standing in front of Lithia. He saw the guards at the gate of Lithia & looked like it’s gonna be really tough for Aureatia to take down this guard. But Soujirou comes alone & asks them to move. The guards aim fire on him but he masters the use of swords. So he smashed all the bullets by using his sword. After the Nihilo the robotic spider also joined him in this battle. Nihilo is maniacally powerful. She killed all the guards within a second. Soujirou is unable to understand what’s going on because he doesn’t know that Nihilo is on his side. Nihilo knows him & says she is his Ally.

Soujirou sound Nihilo is too powerful. So, knowing that she is on his side, he still challenges her. Nihilo understood that it was not safe to fight with him so she went away & attacked Lithia. After she went in she noticed her spider body had some defects. She is curious because an ogre’s axe or a dragon’s breath also unable to destroy Helneten’s Armor but Soujirou’s sword did. She also understood that Kuze also tried to kill her but failed.

Nihilo can adapt to the immense weight & speed of a steed that devastates the terrain. The one who possesses lethal, long-range weapons that can cut through Armies in a single sweep . She has also a strong Armor to protect her from common attacks & also has an undying nature that can’t be stopped. She has two bodies yet she is able to destroy anything that comes into her sight. She is a Cataphract, a revenant, she is ” Nihilo: the Vortical Stampede”. Her long-range power is so powerful that she can able to kill down the Wyverns from the sky.

Later we see Regnejee giving strategy to his swarm. He said about Alus’s great attack which is Hillensingen’s The Luminous Blade. It fires out a blade of light at the moment of drawing. He also added that Alus’s special attack can be extended up to four meters so a direct hit can literally kill them. Alus has another enchanted Sword known as ” Trembling Bird”, which is a sword that flies around on its own & also a powerful enchanted ep. So, Alus had a long-range attack & Regnejee told them to not go within twelve metres. Later we see a fight between Alus & Regnejee. Whenever Alus tried to attack on Regnejee, he failed. On the other side, Regnejee is so powerful & almost hurt Alus’s wing.

Alus is in bad condition because the swarms are attacking tactically. Alus also got fire attacks from the grounds as the Lithian soldiers were brave enough. He was shot by a soldier & fell down. But, Regnejee thinks that he isn’t defeated infact he must be finding a way to leave from this place. So, he ordered everyone to find and capture Alus.

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His fear comes true because Alus have a great shield of the dead. When all Wyverns go to capture him they forget that he reached into Alus’s radius. So, he killed down all the Wyverns & also killed the soldiers too.
Regnejee used his word arts & took the help of the beetles. A group of beetles comes out & surrounds Alus so that he becomes soo confused.

They are soo small so that he can’t cut them off. The beetles attacked him & ate through his palate & nostrils & ravaged the part of the brain that controls him. Alus is now in very bad condition. His speed is defeated in front of Regnejee. So, he was badly hurt & his sword fell.

But, Alus is also one step further he fired up the high tower. So, at the end of busted & all the Wyverns along with Regnejee got defeated too. The fire also killed down those beetles too. Alus have that shield which Protects him from the fire, the rest are dead.

Things are at a very interesting point. Lithia is in the way of loose. Let’s see what gonna happen next. Nine episodes of ” Ishura” is streaming now in Disney+ Hotstar with Japanese language along with subtitles.



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