Claudia Drury Real Image, Person Stolen Youth Hulu: Those who do not know Stolen Youth is a documentary about students of Sarah Lawrence who rented a doom and lived together there were 8 of them who lived together.

But as soon as Larry Ray came to live with them after returning from Jail they do not know that their life is going to change forever. The series is now streaming on HULU in English language only, In this article, I am going to tell you about CLAUDIA DRURY and where she is now.


While studying in Sarah Lawrence and living with their 7 friends in a rented dorm one day a roommate’s father moved with them after getting out of Jail but she and the rest of the friends do not know that their life is going to change forever after that.

Later when Ray started showing his true colors she was forced to join her s3x cult because he accused her of poisoning his food and harming his business website she was abused by larry sexually many times just for his “FUN” one report in New York time claimed that she ended up giving 2.5million dollars to him.

A disturbing video clip was also shown in the documentary where she accepts that she has harmed larry’s business website because she is jealous of their son-daughter relationship but she was forced to make this statement.

Who is Claudia Drury? |
Image – The US Sun

After escaping from this she has kept away from the spotlight but according to his LinkedIn page she is living in New York and working in Publishing Industry.



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