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Isabella Pollok Larry Ray Real Image, Person Now | Sarah Lawarence | Hulu

Isabella Pollok Larry Ray Real Image, Where He Is Now? Stolen Youth: Those who do not know Stolen Youth is a documentary about students of Sarah Lawrence who rented a doom and lived together there were 8 of them who lived together. But as soon as Larry Ray came to live with them after returning from Jail they do not know that their life is going to change forever.

The series is now streaming on HULU in English language only, In this article, I am going to tell you about Isabella Pollok and where she is now.

WHO Isabella Pollok?

Pollok is one of the members who moved into a rented dorm in 2010 with her 7 friends when one of the roommate’s father started living with them and when they moved to the new place in 2011. Larry used to council all of them and Isabella was greatly influenced by him as she said “I was just 19 years old then”. But then Larry started abusing them once he wrapped a plastic bag around a boy’s neck and almost choked him to death.

When in April 2022 Larry was found guilty of various crimes including s3x trafficking, extortion, and forced labor. Isabella was titled larry’s ‘Lieutenant’ by the New York times, but at that time she was not found guilty of this crime in September 2022 she was found guilty of money laundering.

Image – New York Post

Later she accepted she has committed a very serious crime as she is not the same as she is 10 years later and she will face a maximum of five years in prison starting from Feb 22 as the order of the court.



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