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Larry Ray ‘Sarah Lawrence’ Daughter | Real Person, Story | Where He Is Now?

Larry Ray ‘Sarah Lawrence’ Daughter ( Stolen Youth): For those who do not know Stolen Youth is a documentary about students of Sarah Lawrence who get abused physically and mentally and tortured by a sex cult and their parents get asked for money if they want to see their children alive, the documentary is available to stream on HULU and includes 3 episodes.

Larry Ray is known as the leader of Sarah Lawrence’s “S3x Cult” twelve years ago as he get out of jail he started living with her daughter and her eight friends living in a duplex dorm one of them is his daughter’s boyfriend too. He sleeps in the living room couch because he has nowhere to go at that time.

At first, the children living there really liked him because he used to tell them stories about what he used to do for work earlier and sometimes he also order pizza for them and cooks food.

But slowly he started breaking them from each other and then he started abusing them physically and mentally to destroy their lives he used to ask for money from their parents by sending their audio and videos and the parents used to sell their valuable things to send him the money.

Ray was convicted of 15 criminal courts with charges like sex, bullying trafficking, etc. he used to torture them for 10 years mentally and physically in three different states he used to record their confession of crimes they have never done. He for not long but also served in US Air Force just for 19 days he also has many contacts from there, he also claimed that he worked in the CIA but there was no proof of this.

Who Is Larry Ra
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Currently, in January 2023 he has been sentenced to 60 years in prison and the Judge at the court also appreciates the victims facing him in court and helps the authorities to solve his case.

If you want to know more about his case and the way he tortured the victims you can stream this crime documentary on HULU available in only the English language.



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