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The 1619 Project Hulu Review & Recap

The 1619 Project Hulu: The latest six-part Hulu documentary series premiers on 26th January. The episodes are adapted from essays from The New York Times No. 1 bestseller named “The 1619 Project: A New Origin Story”. This shows the life of black slaves and slavery shaped the different periods of contemporary American life.

The names of the episodes are as follows “Democracy”, “Race”, “Music”, “Capitalism”, “Fear”, and “Justice”, Nikole Hannah-Jones Book which first came in the year 2021 now becomes a television series in 2023, Hannah-Jones who is executive producer, actor and voiceover artist gives a very strong impact in this documentary.

She came herself in each episode presenting the original story of her own family and her own experiences, Nikole Hannah-Jones also won a Pulitzer award for the articles she published in The New York Times.

The main aim of this docuseries is to show the life of Africans in the center of America’s story like how they get exploited and how racism is very common in America, The Hulu original revolves around the life of Hannah-Jones – who with her black father and white mother grew up in Lowa. Show her struggle with how she and other black African students get discriminated against in school.

Each episode of this series feels like a short and brief summary of the original essay from the New York Times, the first two episodes feel very poorly directed and the series does not look like much appealing to the audience, the other episodes like “Music” show the interest and love of black people for music and food.

The series feels long each episode is approx. 1 Hour long, however, the series is summarized form of the essays of The New York Times if you want to know more about the series and the life of black people in America you can stream this series on Hulu from 26th January 2023.



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