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Not Dead Yet Episode 1: Recap, Summary & Ending Explained

Not Dead Yet Episode 1: Not Dead Yet is an American sitcom comedy-drama series created by David Windsor and Casey Johnson, with the first episode titled “Pilot,” directed by Dean Holland. In this episode, we meet the lead character, Nell, and learn about her lifestyle.

In this article, I will recap and explain the ending of Episode 1, which is now streaming on ABC and Disney+ Hotstar, as well as the fact that this episode is primarily focused on Nell, as we see in this article.

Recap & Summary

The first episode, titled “Pilot,” begins with the main character, Nell, sleeping and begins narrating her life story, in which she tells that she is now 37 years old and that she gave up on her career around 5 years ago, that her relationship did not go well, and that she now lives in a room with a wired roommate.

After that, we see that she had a job interview where she is late because she got into a small accident, and then we see that Sam makes a comment about her lateness when she has plans to celebrate her first day at the company, whereas we see that Dennis is her new boss where he shows her her office, and then Sam plans coffee with her.

The scene shifts, and we see that Nell hates Sam as he tells her that she and Lexi are in a relationship. After that, we see that Nell goes to her home, where she celebrates with the chocolate, where he asks her about her birthday, where she tells him that she can’t throw the party in the house, and then he leaves her to meet his girlfriend.

After that, Nell heads to the bar to celebrate her birthday with her friends, where we see her meet with an old man who advises her to forget about her previous relationships, and then we see her friends arrive, where Sam checks in with Nell and she is fine with Lexi, and where Nell invites Sam to the Saturday night party.

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Later, we see that her birthday is ruined, and then we see that she meets the old man, whom she meets at the bar, where he tells her that he is a dead musician named Morty, and she is scared and says that she is seeing dead people, and she believes that it is her mind’s thinking as she is having alcohol. The scene shifts to the morning, where Morty is still sitting by her bedside, and she screams, and she decides to go for a walk, but Morty still follows her.

Ending Explained

We see that Sam calls her and asks her to understand Lexi, as he is good with her friends, and she asks Nell to apologize to her. Where Nell tells Lexi that she is good for having a good friend like Sam Following that, Nell returns home, where Morty awaits her, and he advises her to begin living her new life, as she is still in shock about her life.

After that, we see Morty’s wife, and Morty tells her to message her for dinner, and she tells her to have a good night, and in the morning when Edward tells her about his autism spectrum disorder, she talks about Morty, where she sees another ghost, a woman, and tells her she will be more useful now that she can see, and the episode ends.

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This is all about episode 1, where I include the recap along with an explanation that will clear all doubt, as well as letting me know in the comment box how much you liked this episode, whereas, in the next episode, we see how she is able to see the ghost, which we see in episode 2.



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