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‘Bert’ In Bitconned: Where is he Now and What Happened to Miami Exotics?

‘Bert’ In Bitconned: Where is he Now and What Happened to Miami Exotics?: The big scam of the crypto market, “Bitconned,” the recently streamed documentary on Netflix, is based on the true story of Centro Tech. They were busy with a startup, and Bert was their partner. If you want to know the full story of Centro Tech, do check out this documentary on Netflix. This was the biggest scam in the world of cryptocurrency at that time.

We will tell you about their partner Bert. Ray was the biggest scammer; he didn’t even help out his friend; he stole their money too. Bert, Sorbee, Ray, and Francis were part of the business.

Bert was the partner who gave the idea to start the business of car rentals. In that business, Ray invested half a million dollars. The expenses increased so much that they had to take a loan, and Ray’s grandfather helped them to start a business. Ray’s grandmother and grandfather loved him a lot, and because of that, they were doing everything for him.

The grandfather of Ray helped them to take a loan of half a million, but the expenses were increasing. For example, if they were earning $60,000, their expenses were more than that, so they took another loan too. And this time, Bert helped him.

They together were in business, but he closed his business of car rentals. All was Bert’s idea. Miami Exotics was created with the help of Bert only, but Ray betrayed Bert at the end. He removed Bert from Centro, and Bert was no longer part of their startup.

Where is Bert now?

Bert is now in New York. He told Ray that he stole money from many people, and he’s still enjoying his life without any guilt. Due to that, Bert was unhappy. Bert was shown as a software engineer. Now coming to the question of what has happened to Miami Exotics? The company was closed and it is not fictional now.


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