Jacob In Bitconned

Jacob In Bitconned: Where Is He Now? What Happned With Him in Centra Tech?

“Bitconned” is a newly released Netflix original documentary available on Netflix in multiple languages, including Hindi, with subtitles too. This show tells the story of the biggest scam of cryptocurrency. We are covering all the characters one by one and here goes some information about Jacob. The man who loses everything in this scam

Ray and Sorbee were the co-founders of Centro Tech. Now, Centro Tech is no more. Do check out more info about Ray Trapani and Sorbee Sharma.

Ray, Sorbee, and Bert were together, a part of the business of Centro Tech. They were about to launch the first debit card from which people could spend their Bitcoin at any place with the help of plastic money. The hype was on the next level for that thing, and they got success too.

They received funding from many places. But they were in danger when they created a fake CEO who doesn’t even exist. Because of that, people were raising doubts about the company.

They said they’re partners of Visa and Bankcorp, but when journalists contacted them, both companies said they didn’t even have any clue. They listed Visa and Bankcorp on the website.

Jacob was one of the people who lost his money in the scam of Centro Tech. Jacob invested a lot of money as funding. Jacob said that he’s unhappy about all this. All he wanted was that Ray should get caught by the FBI, but he didn’t get any punishment, and Ray is living happily.


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