Sam Sorbee Sharma Centra Tech: Netflix’s recently released documentary on cryptocurrency and Bitcoin reveals that there were many people involved in this scam. But among all of them, the biggest scammer was Ray Trapani. However, he’s living happily out there and has bought a new house. The audiences who watched it wanted to know about others too, where they are now, so here we’re telling you about them too.

Sorbee and Ray were school buddies; they both studied together. When Ray started the business of Miami Exotics, Sorbee worked there as an employee. However, the expenses were going to the next level, and they were about to shut down the company. After that, it was Sorbee who proposed the idea of going deep into the cryptocurrency market. Ray liked that idea very much, and he said, “Let’s take the risk.”

Ray, Bert, Sorbee, and Robert were together in the business called Centra Tech. They were about to launch the first debit card with the help of that card you can spend your cryptocurrency. At that time, no one thought of this idea. They were getting a great amount of funding when the source of money stopped. They got a call from Korea, and Sorbee went there for live testing of the card.

Sorbee was excellent in networking; he was the co-founder at Centra. Sorbee said to Ray that they’re going to be in big trouble about the CEO thing. So Ray made a new CEO who was Ray’s own grandfather.

Where is Sorbee Sharma now?

Sorbee Sharma got caught; the FBI arrested him. When the FBI went to Sorbee, he called Ray, and Ray thought he would also be investigated. So Ray did a scam again with Sorbee too. He told everything honestly to the FBI, and he became a hero in the eyes of the government.

After that, Ray saved his skin, but Sorbee got caught, and Sorbee got a sentence of 8 years in jail. Till now, Sorbee is serving his sentence in the prison of New York.



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