Ray Trapani In Bitconned (Netflix): Netflix’s newly streamed documentary based on cryptocurrency and Bitcoin research is available on Netflix with a runtime of 1 hour and 34 minutes. The story of the film revolves around a tech company Centra tech Which promised to act as a link between crypto and modern-day currencies.

After watching the short documentary, audiences are excited to know more about the real characters – where are they now and what are they doing. Now, we’re telling you everything about it.

Ray Trapani was the co-founder of Centra. He appeared in the documentary and said he always wanted to be a criminal. He earned millions of dollars by scamming people. He also mentioned his dad, stating that he was a loser. Ray was a drug addict in 2009, and he and his friend Andrew started a business of drugs with the help of a prescription pad. They were earning more than $5000 a day with the help of drugs.

One day, Ray got caught, and the police took him. However, he took the name of his friend Andrew, and because of Ray, the police caught Andrew.

But Ray didn’t go to jail because he told the truth to the police. Ray has been lucky since the beginning.

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Where is Ray Trapani now?

He scammed so many people, including his partners, but he didn’t go to jail. Today, Ray is living happily with his family in New York. He recently became a father again. On the day of the sentence, his wife was in the hospital, and she delivered a baby. Ray got a court sentence, but he has to spend the same time in jail that he spent previously, which means no jail because Ray didn’t go to jail before either. He is also planning to start a loan rental business and he has also purchased a huge house.

Linkedin – https://www.linkedin.com/in/raymond-trapani-676535148/

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