How Does Hela Plan To Defeat Odin? What If Season 2 Explained !

How Does Hela Plan To Defeat Odin? : What If…? is a sci-fi superhero-based action-adventure animated anthology drama series. This show was created by A.C. Bradley and is based on the Marvel Comics series and is considered as the first animated series of Marvel and the show explores the alternate timelines in the multiverse where we see the story about the different timelines.

In this show, we see that Odin ordered Heimdall to observe his daughter, Hela as she disappeared from his radar when she entered the Ta Lo dimension and he also discovered Xu Wenwu and his ten rings, which could destroy gods whom he informed Odin that traveled to Midgard to remove the powerful relics.

Where we see that Hela left Ta Lo to fight with her father as she knows that her lesson from the legendary village made her stronger than Odin. After that, we see that in the final battle, Hela and Xu Wenwu aimed to separate Odin from his weapon named Gungnir as this weapon gave him godly powers.

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After the battle, we see that Hela demands that Odin stop his blind pursuit of conquest and Hela’s helmet glows which indicates that she learned her lesson but Odin tries to kill Hela where Hela resists and he transformation brings back her helmet and her powers which allowing her to defeat Odin.

Where we see that Odin realized his mistakes and accepted that his daughter had exceeded his expectations, and under her rule, the universe would become a better place and that is the reason he loss the battle and made her the king of the kingdom.

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