Camille In ‘Berlin’ Money Heist: After the success of the Money Heist series, Netflix is back with another series that exists in the same universe, actually the prequel to Money Heist. Berlin, the famous character we have seen previously, is the story about his adventures. In this series, we know that Berlin is quite bad in any relationship, but meanwhile, he falls in love with a girl named Camile.

Here we are going to discuss who played the character of Maria, and we are going to explain this character.

In this series, the character Camile is played by Samantha Siqueiros. We have very little information about her. But as per the report, she hasn’t done any movies yet. So, some of her series are “You Cannot Hide” (2019), “Vikki RPM” (2017). That’s all about everything concerning the actress playing Camile.

The “Berlin” series is all about the life of Berlin. So, we got connected to whatever he has done. After the divorce from his fourth wife, Berlin falls in love with Camile. Berlin first saw Camile when he was monitoring the daily routine of Auctioner. Camile is actually the wife of the auction house supervisor, whom the whole team is currently targeting. He is Monsieur Polignac. Team Berlin fitted all the cameras into his room, and then Berlin discovered about his wife Camile.

She is so gorgeous that Berlin forgets about the heist plan and chooses to be with her. The girl loves punk music and also enjoys her life without any hesitation. After stalking behind the cameras, Berlin introduces himself as Simon to Camile. After that, slowly they become so much close.

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Berlin does everything for Camile, and in the end, he wants to be with Camile. Things go really bad when Camile says that she will not be able to leave her husband, and thus Berlin decides that he will help Camile in fighting the case. This step of Berlin leads to disaster. Now it will be interesting to see if Berlin is really in love with Camile or if she is just part of his game plan.

That’s all about Camile. Hope that all your doubts about Camile are cleared. If you still have any future questions, feel free to ask in the comment section.



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