Beef Episode 5 Recap & Ending Explained: Netflix’s original dramedy “BEEF” is composed of half-hour 10 episodes. Read this space to know how things went in episode 5, Weare covering all episodes wise recap for the show, You can also check the Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, and Episode 4 Recap of the Netflix original show

The episode starts with George unknowingly cycling with Danny, where Danny hides his identity under the name ‘Zane’. Issac is leg cuffed after his very public outburst on police officers. Danny drops by Issac’s with a Sara Lee pound cake as a gesture of gratitude. Issac and Danny argue about Issac getting charged under multiple sections and upon knowing that Danny is hanging out with George, Issac slaps him really hard.

Issac tells Danny that he will work at the church, and Issac will be cashing the check so he can pay off his lawyer to keep him out of jail. Danny convinces Issac’s friends to accompany him in stealing art pieces. Danny is invited over by George, where Danny informs George that there might be a leak in the bathroom’s plumbing. Danny messages his partners-in-crime a list of stuff to buy and they are excited to carry out a well-planned heist.

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George then shows Danny his and his father’s art pieces. Danny expresses that George’s art makes him feel sad and sticky inside. Danny, then calls up, Bobby and Michael to call off the plan since there was nothing valuable to Rob. They still decide to go up to George’s house and try their luck but are severely disappointed. George finishes up fixing the water leak while talking to Mia on call and this is the point where we understand that George is having an extramarital affair with Mia.

Fumi, Amy’s mother-in-law catches Amy taking pictures of her butt. An awkward episode unfurls. Fumi is then drinking tea and eating baguette at a restaurant. Feeling lonely, Fumi calls up a few friends of hers and this incident indicates that Fumi is lesbian. Paul is crashing at his friends’ but them calling Amy his sugar mama upsets him. Paul solitarily texts Amy and ends up getting a house invite.

Paul and Amy get physical, Paul then asks Amy for jumpstart money and Paul calls her a bitch for not lending. Amy throws Paul out of her house and calls Naomi for emotional support. Naomi, however, wanted a small favor from Amy to write a recommendation letter but Amy hangs up abruptly. The next scene hints that Naomi had body dysmorphia.

Naomi gets inside a suit cover and senses something fishy about the road rage. He calls over Firouz, a man whose plants got destroyed during the road rage. Firouz appreciates Naomi on getting into People To Watch. Amy arms her house and leaves while Fumi breaks in to steal the Tamago chair.

Coincidentally, at the same time, Michael and Bobby too break in to rob. Fumi catches them and starts shooting bullets. Fumi stumbles down the stairs and the episode finishes with an injured Fumi lying on the floor.



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