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‘Beef’ Episode 2 : Recap And Ending Explained

‘Beef’ Episode 2 Netflix: “BEEF” is a new Netflix original 10-episodic series, starring Ali Wong and Steven Yeun as leads. Episode 2 is 33 minutes long and this is a quick recap of the story.

We have already covered the Season 1 Episode 1 Recap for the Netflix original show Beef and If you have Missed that, You May Have a Look On That too.

Amy, after memorizing Danny’s number plate, returns to her house in immense anger. She finds Danny’s construction service company and calls him. Upon answering, Amy abuses him and Danny abruptly hangs up the call. The second call is straight to voicemail.

George cleans up the pissed floor while Amy figures out Danny’s address. They both reach to the motel Danny lives in and start enquiring about him. Danny, on the other hand, is convincing his brother Paul to join hands with him in a new business model called “Cho Bros”.

Amy comes back home after picking up Junie from school. There, she is having a conversation with ‘Morgan’, Jordan’s sister-in-law. Morgan shows her a road-rage incident that got published on Nextdoor. Ironically, Amy was herself involved in the incident.

Danny and Paul reach out to Danny’s old partner Veronica to help them boost up their new business. Issac gives a heads-up to Danny that an Asian couple was looking for him. Danny sent a threatening voicemail to Amy, warning her to not mess with him. But Amy is not an easy-to-beat contender; she makes a fake Instagram profile to catfish Danny but instead ends up talking to Paul.

Amy and George visit the Kusho Gallery. There, Jordana is reluctant on buying a Tamago chair but George’s cut-throat denial upsets Jordana and she leaves. George and Amy get into an argument where Amy confesses that sex with him is “vanilla”. This upsets George and he decides to ignore Amy for the rest evening.

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Amy sends a ruthless message to Danny, threatening him that if he doesn’t stop, she is gonna find him and take what little he had. She also trashes Danny’s truck, painting I CAN’T DRIVE, I AM POOR and I AM A BITCH all over the truck.

This agitates Danny and while arguing, he fires Paul from Cho Bros. Amy feels good about her revenge act and she agrees to attend couples therapy to resolve her marriage conflicts. The episode ends with Danny standing in front of Amy’s house with a hammer in his hands.



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