Netflix’s ‘Beef’ Episode 3: Recap And ExplainedA24 Production House recently released a dark comedy show called “BEEF”. This 10-episode-long series has an ensemble cast of Korean actors. I wrapped up Episode 3 and this article is all about what unfolded.

We have already covered the Episode 1 and Episode 2 Recap Of The Show, You Can Also Check them;

We see Amy and George attending couples therapy where Amy talks about her parents – her dad was a Chinese guy who bottled up all his anger until it just exploded at once; her mom believed that communication was the same thing as complaining. Amy admits that growing up with her parents taught her to repress her feelings. Along with this, we see Danny’s rage reach summits when he almost burns down Amy’s car but stops after noticing that June was sitting inside.

Danny, upon reaching back home, discovers that her brother Paul was leaving for his IG friend Kayla. Amy, George, and June are having a family moment together, only to be ruined by Paul’s romantic texts. Amy informs Danny that she had upgraded her security system. Danny attends a mesmerizing church prayer that makes him realize he is hurt and broken. Amy is having a business meeting with Jordan where she apologizes for George’s last encounter. She proceeds to call Paul and has a heartfelt chit-chat with him. Amy returns home and does an intimacy exercise with George.

In between, she breaks down emotionally and speaks her heart out to George; Amy feels like the ground at her heart and this feeling never goes away. She was on antidepressants during college but the meds would just mute her. George shares that he sometimes imagines a life where he and Amy had never met.

Danny is eager to buy a land property for his parents back in Korea. While he is clearing up his monetary issues about the mortgage, he asks the bank employee if his church could get a loan. Jordan knocks up at Amy’s to discuss their business deal’s term sheet. Amy is disappointed to see that Jordana wanted her to stay on for a period of five years as she is the face of the brand. Paul shows up unannounced at Kōyōhaus where Amy has to hesitantly reveal that she was catfishing him. To her surprise, Paul finds her hotter and they end up sharing a kiss.

George is seen masturbating to Mia’s pictures, who is an employee at Kōyōhaus, Danny rejoices in his old-lost passion for guitars and the episode ends with the song “Incubus” playing in the background.



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