‘Beef’ Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained: American black comedy series “Beef” had a recent wide release on Netflix in multiple languages. The show runs across 10 episodes and I am 4 episodes down. Let’s talk about what happened in this episode.

The show is going amazing As of now and Audiences are loving the show, If You haven’t seen the Other episodes from the Show, You Can also check the Episode 1, Episode 2, and Episode 3 Recap of Netflix’s original show ‘Beef’.

After sharing an intimate moment, Amy drops off Paul at his home, asking him to not tell anybody about their kiss. Danny has second thoughts and considers apologizing to Amy about the road rage thing. However, his thoughts are too “Jesus” to be digested by Issac. Both brothers go on to find a way to pocket the church loan. On the other side, Junie is crying out loud, not wanting to go to Vegas with her parents. Amy accidentally drops Junie off her hands and has to go by herself alone.

Issac crashes at Danny’s apartment to meet Paul. There, the three celebrate their new job at the church with booze, with Paul drinking none. Paul steals his brother’s truck and drives down to Vegas to meet Amy. In the meantime, Amy is face timing George, telling him that the board invited her to speak at the panel tomorrow and that she won’t be home for a few more days.

Amy invites Paul over for drinks. Amy had planned to watch a movie but Paul convinces her to shuffle her plans. Danny, however, is worried about the truck since all the material they stole was in it and they pull up to Vegas to take it back. Amy and Paul are busy enjoying each other’s company, they: jump playfully on the beddings, put Skittles in coke, smoke cigarettes, dance, and eat mangosteen. Danny and Issac manage to find the hotel Paul was in.

After losing a couple of bucks in the casino, Issac and Danny see Paul roaming around and they chase him across the stairs. They catch Paul is Amy’s penthouse suite. Danny slaps Paul hard for misbehaving and he and Issac leave with the truck keys. While Amy is speaking at the panel, Danny noticer her. He takes the mic and creates a scene, mentioning all the shtty things Amy did to her. Security takes them out and Issac ends up assaulting a security officer.

Amy decides to stay on in the business with Jordana welcoming her to the family. However, Morgan eavesdrops on Amy’s conversation with Jordan and realizes that she was involved in the road rage feud. Danny and Issac get chased down by the officers and while getting arrested, Amy stands in front of Danny, smiling wide. The episode concludes.



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