“BEEF” is a deliciously delightful dark comedy-drama series that got released on Netflix. I recently finished up with episode 6, so let’s recap it quickly. Till now we have already covered the previous episodes of the show, You can Check the all links by end of the article.

Fumi, after falling down the stairs, is hospitalized and wearing a cervical collar. Suspicious of what might have happened, Amy has her questions about the night but Fumi shuts her up, telling her that she is getting uncomfortable. Danny is attending a church prayer when he is stunned to see Issac since he was under house arrest. Issac, however, got a religious exemption.

Fumi’s tongue is loose due to a high dose of painkillers and babbles out that Amy and George are gonna separate soon. George goes out to buy snacks and grab some paperwork from Kōyōhaus.

Issac is chatting with the people at church, telling them about his and Danny’s childhood escapades. Esther, Veronica’s friend, convinces Edwin, Veronica’s husband, to allow Issac to play in the forthcoming basketball tournament. Issac gives Danny his cut from the church money. George informs Amy that Naomi is on her way to ask Fumi some questions about the robbery. George, then, ends his affair with Mia due to Fumi’s suspicions about infidelity.

At home, Danny and Paul finally get together and enjoy some bromance together. Paul asks Danny for a regular paycheck. But since the company is under Issac’s name, Paul must smooth things over with him. Naomi reaches Amy’s residence but is unable to question Fumi as she was passed out due to a dose of Percodan. Naomi confronts Amy with her version of road rage, mentioning that Danny and Amy were having an affair.

Amy hysterically laughs and says she would have loved to create a story, piecing together separate events but couldn’t because she is always working. This agitates Naomi and she undertakes the task to prove that Amy was involved in the road rage and sabotaging her deal with Forsters Corporation.

Paul apologizes to Issac for his poor behavior. Issac then proceeds to show Danny his plan to soften crossing state lines. Paul manages to fit in the revised version of Cho Bros called The Chosen Ones. Danny receives Amy’s offer to resolve their dispute. They meet up and a comical conversation emerges. Amy asks him to take the fall and say that someone was driving a white SUV in return for $25K. Naomi calls Amy to apologize for her misconception and that Fumi had cleared up that was the one driving the white SUV.

Amy reaches home and finds George cleaning up June’s thrown-up chocolate mush off the rug. Junie requests her parents to stay together. This melts both of their hearts and they clear up the air by securing June that they will always love each other because family is forever. Amy calls up Danny to inform them that the deal’s off since Fumi had taken the fall for her. Fumi, after shopping at Giorgio Armani, encourages Amy to create the truth she wanted to inhabit.

Daniel calls the anonymous neighborhood tipline and informs that Issac was the one driving the truck and as a result, Issac is incarcerated. Danny and the team end up winning the basketball tournament and the episode closes out with Danny smiling.

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