Netflix’s latest show “Beef” is being touted as a black comedy and consists of 10 episodes. I just finished watching the 39-minute-long 1st episode and here is what is all “beefed out”.

The episode starts with our male protagonist ‘Danny Cho’ who is at a supermarket called “Forsters”, wanting to make a 3rd return of his hibachi grills. As Danny is not able to find the receipt, the biller teases him by making an announcement about the shop’s return policies. A disappointed Danny proceeds home and as he is reversing his truck, a white Mercedes blocks his way and honks for too long.

The driver shows Danny the middle finger. In angst, Cho trail backs the car and a dangerously hilarious cat-and-mouse chase sequence unfolds. Unable to see who the driver was, Cho notes the car’s number plate which read ‘7C764F1’. It is then revealed that the driver was our female protagonist ‘Amy Lau’.

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We then meet Amy’s family – her daughter ‘Junie’ and her husband ‘George Nakai’ who is a sculptor by profession. Amy is a self-made entrepreneur and is the owner of Kōyōhaus. Amy’s spotless, picture-perfect life seems to be an inspiration for her fans but all that shines is not gold. Then, we come across Danny’s apartment. He lives with his younger brother ‘Paul’ who is having a quarter-life crisis. Danny’s parents are stuck in Korea after they lost their motel because of Danny’s cousin Issac’s shady business. Danny feels awful for not being able to help his parents. Danny is a failing contractor who is always at odds with his brother.

While eating at a restaurant, Danny meets Issac who was recently released from prison. Danny asks Issac for financial help and he agrees on one condition – to have an enjoyable meal. Amy and George are on their way to attend an event hosted by Jordan. ‘Jordana Forsters’ is the CEO of the Forsters Corporation and she was throwing a big party at her house. After coming back, Amy wakes up in the middle of the night to go and open their locker. But to her surprise, someone seems to have changed the combo. She hears Junie scream and it becomes quite evident that Junie has bad anxiety. Her mother gives a monologue about how Junie was born.

Danny is sitting in his room, searching “What’s the least painful way to kill yourself?”. He turns on his hibachis and as the CO detector goes off, Danny shuts down his plans of suicide. Amy somehow figures out the new combo and opens the locker which had a gun in there. Instead of using it for protection, Amy uses the gun to masturbate. The show hints that Amy has had a history of using guns for sexual pleasure.

Danny decides to track down the car number. He manages to get inside Amy’s house disguised as a handyman. Danny’s misconception that George was the person driving the cat gets cleared up when Amy tells him that George drives the mini-van and she drives the luxury car. Danny asks to use the restroom and leaves.

Amy realizes that Danny, in revenge, had pissed on the finely-curated European oak floor of her bathroom. Agitated, Amy runs to catch Danny but Danny boards his vehicle. Amy reads his number plate ‘6RKP632’ and the episode ends.



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