BEEF (Netflix) Season 1 Review: Netflix’s and an A24 Production “Beef” has been released on the streaming platform that tells the story of a road rage incident that brings chaos into the lives of the two people involved and how the conflict turns their lives upside down and their ability to resolve that is what the show is about.

It stars Steven Yuen and Ali Wong in the lead roles who have also executive produced this show along with the director Lee Sung Jin. The show consists of 10 Episodes with an average runtime of 30-35 minutes. Here’s the review of the show by StreamingDue.

Hands down, REVENGE Drama brings the best out of a character and it is a tough job for a writer to do. Usually, we see a Protagonist and an Antagonist and we have an idea of right and wrong so we end up supporting and rooting for one side.

However, what we’re presented with in BEEF is a humane story about two individuals who have been having a tough time for quite some time and somehow each other’s behavior towards them makes them snap and it results in conflict between the two, and how the two keep on trying to get an upper hand is what makes BEEF so damn fun!

The two leads, Steven Yeun and Ali Wong are all the praise in this moving drama that does not keep itself encapsulated in one genre. Sometimes it’s a comedy, other times its Psychological Drama but overall, it’s just a humane story of two people having a hard time and maybe a beef with someone is what they needed in their lives to let their real personality out and see them for what they are.

It is chaos but it is their chaos coming from within which makes BEEF a gripping watch throughout.

It’s not just the story, the acting, and the cast that hits it out of the ballpark, the creativity involved in this show really ups the bar that A24 has been set for quite a while. Each Episode brings it to you in a creative way by way of painting in each Episode’s introduction. The scene where an incident has happened but we see the aftermath from the perspectives of two crows is super creative and there are a lot of other examples like this.

Final Verdict: 4/5

BEEF is an amazingly written story backed by brilliant performances making it all the more fun and a worthy show to watch.”



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