Alice In Borderland Aguni & Niragi: If you have watched the season of the show, You must have known the importance of the characters Aguni and Niragi from Netflix’s show ‘Alice In Borderland’, as season 2 of the series is going to release in next few hours, here we are going to explain the characters and their death.

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Is Aguni Dead?

Aguni is the Ex-SDF officer that is the leader of the militants in The Beach. He’s also the best friend of Hatter but he had to kill him because of the person he had become. In the last challenge of Season 1, he took out his frustration on all the people when he ordered the militants to kill all the people and burn their bodies.

However, it was Alice who understood his pain and sympathized with him which was still not enough to stop Aguni from wreaking havoc and beating up Alice without any reason.

However, when it was revealed that he was not the witch and Mokoma was the witch herself, Alice tells him that everyone else is on the same boat and everyone has lost someone so he should stop looking down on all of them and that hits Aguni and he stops it.

Alice In Borderland Season 1 Recap

However, after that Niragi who was burnt by Murakami is back and starts to shoot people but as he was about to shoot Usagi and Alice, Aguni comes in front and then lifts him after sprinting taking him directly into the place of fire.

What Happens To Niragi?

However, we weren’t shown if Aguni and Niragi have actually died but it is of the strong opinion that The Beach had burnt down and both of them weren’t shown anywhere so they might be dead.

Also, Aguni is also on a rampage after killing his best friend, he was crying during his fight with Alice and it seemed like he had lost the will to live so there are very less chances that we’ll see him in Season 2 making him and Niragi dead.

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