Alice In Borderland Cards Meaning: One of the burning questions from season 1 of the Netflix Original show ‘Alice In Borderland’ was about the Cards, After so many requests, here we are going to answer some of your questions –  What Do The Cards Mean? Do Cards Transport The Players To The Real World??

Alice In Borderland straight up starts with the games and in the end, when the game is complete, it gives the winners the card which was shown in the beginning. The cards shown have some meaning associated.

Meaning Of Cards

The number of the card means the difficulty level and the mark on the card means the game’s genre which is as follows

  • Club: Team Battle
  • Diamond: Battle of wits
  • Heart: A game of betrayal where you play with people’s hearts.
  • Spade: Physical Game

The more number cards mean the more difficult the level is;

Cards Explained

In Alice’s time on The Beach, it was mentioned by Hatter that collecting all the cards can transport one person back to the real world and that is why they collect all the cards. However, they had not ever seen the Face Cards which did come up at the end of Season 1.

During Aguni and Hatter’s conversation, he tells him that collecting all the cards that will transport the person back to the real world is a lie that he came up with but there seems to be something related to the cards and there was a reason why the big face cards had not come in the games before.

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However, we’re not sure what would happen if the whole deck of cards is collected but assuming that it would grant the person the to go back to the real world is a good assumption. Whatever the truth is, we will be able to see it in Season 2.



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