Big Bet Episode 1: Hotstar’s original Korean Action drama web show, Big Bet is now available to watch on Hotstar with 3 episodes, the show is available in Korean audio along with the subtitles, Here goes the episode 1 Review, Recap and ending explanation of the show.

The first episode really starts slow, but after 10 minutes it’s become engaging, The screenplay of the first episode is very engaging, everyone loves the biography of an underdog and the first episode shows that.


The show starts with Cha Mu-sik Played by the Oldboy actor Choi min-sik, Cha Mu-sik got arrested by NBI for the Murder Of Seok Jun-Min who’s a close friend of Cha.

Then the story goes to 1972, Where we saw Young Cha Mu-sik who’s in a Daycare center because his family is very poor his mother left him in the Daycare center and told him that she’s going to take him home after a month, but it’s already the second month.

Cha became their friend of Jong-hyun and they go to catch fire ants and sell them for money, so they can eat Fried Chicken catching fire ants didn’t make them that much so they buy Fried Chicken so they Bet on a Rich kid for money and they won it but that kid eat all their Fried chicken. The next day Cha Mu-sik’s mother comes and takes him home.

Cha Mu-sik’s mother is a cook who works in the village fest but does not earn that much. Cha Mu-sik’s father is a gangster who always goes to jail, but Cha Mu-sik loves his father. Now his father comes home and starts Gambling in his home and makes money through it, but he beats some people who cheated in the game and goes to jail.

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Now Cha Mu-sik and his mother go to Daejeon in 1976, where his mother does home delivery work for a restaurant, Cha Mu-sik again meets Jong-hyun who’s now selling newspapers and making some money. Ch Musik also wants to start selling news and ask the Distributor to give him 100 News Paper, Cha Mu-sik Use his brain and sell newspaper in a high rate and start buttering people so they buy his News Paper.

The Ending

In the scene Now Moves To 2000, where a man needs help, so he asks Jong-hyun, Jong-hyun advises him to go to Cha Mu-sik who’s now running an English teaching academy, We got to know that they already know each other, That man asks Cha Musik to help him and opened his eyes to how big this Gambling industry is, Cha Mu-sik goes deeper and learns about how this gambling industry works and buys a house for their Casino and then the series ends.

Who Kills Seok Jun-Min?

One of the biggest unanswered questions of the first episode is who killed Seok Jun-Min, and we don’t know who it is, we might know this at the end of the show.

This was all episode the episode 1 Recap and ending Explanation of the show, what do you think about it? Please let us know in the comments.



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