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A Shop For Killers Episode 7 Release Date

A Shop For Killers Episode 7 Release Date : Disney presents another eight episodic Korean action drama. The story revolves around a girl named Ji An, who’s under attack from a group of dangerous criminals. After the unexpected death of her uncle Jinman, who’s head an underworld weapon organization, how she gonna survive the situation is the rest of the story.

“A Shop For Killers” upcoming 7th and 8th episodes streaming date were officially announced by Disney. This drama is a package of action, emotion, and survival elements. There are total eight episodes were part of first season. Disney released six episodes in total as of now. The show premiered on January 17 with nearly fifty minutes on each episode. The latest episode of this series is the sixth episode.

The last episode showcased mainly on the flashback portions between Jinman,Bale, Seongjo and Min hye. Jinman, Bale and Seongjo were part of a mercenary Korean unit, who went on a private mission with weapons. During their missions across various places, Bale showed his true nature of being a psycho killer, who kills civilians on a mission without any proper reason. He even killed a kid in front of Jinman. Seongjo and Bale were still a good team after the separation of Jinman from their unit. Bale and the team hired Jeongmin,a computer engineer to hack everything related to murthehelp.

Jeongmin joined with Jinman as an assistant and recorded video of every datas inside his garage. Jeongmin did fake voice edit of Ji An to mind wash Jinman, saying he kidnapped Ji An. Jinman didn’t want to lose Ji An , so he killed himself at the bathtub. Ji An fought against Jeongmin for her life and tried to help Min hye. Jinman’s close friend Pasin came to Ji An’s house to protect her from Bale.

The Upcoming episodes will tell us more about how Bale survived the bomb blast. Also tells us how’s Ji An going to face Bale and his crew on big-scale war. Pasin came to support Ji An and he told her that Bale is on the way to kill her and she should be ready before he came.

Pasin will train her more to make her stronger when she enters the battle with Bale. Rather than just surviving, she needs to fight back at some point, moreover, Bale killed Ji An’s entire family including her dad, mom, grandmother and uncle.

She wants to protect murthehelp which is created by her uncle and it shouldn’t go down after his death. These things will have frequent changes on upcoming episodes. Last six episodes of this show were intriguing and thrilling with so many twists and action sequences. The expectations for the next and the finale of first season is already in peak.

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Episodes 7 and 8 of ‘A shop for Killers’ are scheduled to be released on February 6 and 7. The season finale of the first part will be released on next week with the final episode 8. Let’s wait and see how much the creators serve justice for the whole season with a good finale. Currently, six episodes of the show are streaming on Disney with English subtitles.


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