Alexander The Making of a God Episode 4: The episode starts with Alexander and his army at the gate of Pelsium, Egypt. Pelsium is very well defended, and they are ready for the command to attack the intruders. Alexander is confused of what to do because they can’t fight those Egyptians with their strength. Alexander raises his hand and sits down to show he is at peace. Egyptians come out of the wall, and Alexander made them to take them in.

As they talk inside the castle, Alexander takes the opportunity to use the Egyptian’s hate against Persian king to conquer them. Egyptians were waiting for someone stronger to out throw Persian king who didn’t care about Egyptians and their importance. As they hear about Alexander’s fight against Darius they think it’s time.

Egyptians made Alexander as their ruler to protect and fight for them against the Persians. There was a big ceremony held to crown Alexander at Memphis to make it official and proper. Egyptians see him as Pharaoh which for them means gods chosen to lead the people and maintain order, and provides an important link between the Egyptian people and their gods.

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Darius gets the news that Alexander is now the Pharaoh of Egypt. He is very angry and swears at Egyptians. To everyone they lost fear and trust on Darius’s strength even with his huge army and empire, he couldn’t even save his wife and daughter.

Cut to Egypt, Alexander has started a love affection with Stateira. What made Stateira get and affection with Alexander is unknown. We can see their intimate scene where they enjoy lovemaking. Maybe because she wants to continue her being queen of Persia. In order to mark Alexander’s existence and rule in Egypt he needed something.

He named a city there as Alexandria. He is making plans to develop the city with seaports and other infrastructure. We can see the current Alexandria on the next shot, it’s a very well-developed city. They are looking for the remaining of Alexander’s castle and other things that show what they had that time. After digging they got the remains for stones and other materials.

Alexander is ready to visit Siwa to meet the high priest. The journey will take months to finish. Parmenion is not happy with Alexander going to Siwa, he says that he did not come to visit a temple or stay idle and tells we need to attack Persia. But Alexander fixed his path, he said to let his soldiers rest in mean meantime, they have big war coming.

Alexander says goodbye to Stateira and gets on his journey. Darius get the news that his wife and daughter is safe but he also gets the news that they are more than safe and they are with Alexander. Darius get to know Stateira got her affair with Alexander which is something he didn’t expect.

At the end of the episode, Stateira and her daughter quarrel each other about Alexander. Stateira says for our safety i am with Alexander, we have no other choices and we need to protect ourselves. Stateira tells her daughter to pray for Alexander’s safe return. Alexander is at the desert very tired with his men. As hard winds blow they get on a shelter, going through that desert is a very hard task. Finally, they see Siwa, they are very happy.

Coming to Siwa is the main part of making Alexander a godly man because people get the word that he had divine things on him when he came to Siwa. In the end, we see Alexander seeing the lady who described Alexander at the start of the episode and tells Alexander that she was waiting for his arrival.



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