Stateira In ‘Alexander The Making of a God’ Actress Name: Netflix presents a historical mini documentary series based on world-famous conqueror Alexander’s life called ‘Alexander: The Making of god’. The show tells us the historical moments of Alexander while conquering the biggest Persian Empire.

The strongest and most intelligent king of the ancient Greek kingdom, his evolution from the son of a king to a demigod of millions of people is the core plot of the show.

Stateira, the former queen of the Persian empire is one of the most remarkable women in the ancient world.’Alexander: the making of god’s story will be incomplete without the famous Stateira, which is portrayed by well-known American actress ‘Agni Scott’. She was known for her works in Bridget Jones’s Baby, MI-5, and Persuasion.

Queen Stateira was a kind woman, who loves her husband so much.She always accompanied her husband while he went to war. Because of this, she was captured by Alexander the Great after the Battle of Issus, in 333 BC, at the town of Issus. Her husband abandoned his entire family at the site as he fled from Alexander, including his mother Sisygambis and his daughters Stateira II and Drypetis.

Stateira was reputed to be the most beautiful woman in Asia. Despite her beauty, Alexander was said to have exercised great control, treated her with respect, and maintained her royal state Alexander is reported to have treated them with great respect. She got close with Alexander during her stay at Egypt. She got pregnant with baby of Alexander.

Stateira supported Alexander at Egypt. She was amazed with the visions of Alexander to rebuild Egypt for a better future as a biggest source and supplier of minerals. Stateira had an unfortunate death while giving birth to a son, Ochus in early 332 BC. Her Child also died while giving birth, Alexander and Darius were deeply affected during the incident. She was given a splendid burial by Alexander, befitting her status as the wife of the Great King of Persia. Stateira was known as one of the beautiful and strongest woman of ancient Persian Empire.

That’s all about the character of Stateira. If you have any questions regarding it, feel free to ask in the comment section.



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