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A Killer Paradox Bed Scene Episode & Time

A Killer Paradox Bed Scene Episode & Time: Netflix presents a dark crime thriller Korean drama with a stellar cast. The show has eight episodes, which is premiered on February 9th, and got good reports around the world. A particular portion of the first episode getting wide attention among Korean drama viewers.

The story revolves around Lee Tang, a college student working part-time at a convenience store. Lee Tang encounters so many criminals to seek justice for the victims and he pretends as a dark superhero with special supernatural powers to find criminals and normal people.

Choi Woo Shik played the role of Lee Tang. His career was filled with sweet and lovable characters only. This show is a complete change from his comfort zone. Woo has broken the barriers and become part of a hot trending topic now. At the end of the first episode, there was a particular scene that triggered general Korean drama viewers. After an accidental murder at the start, Lee Tang felt confused and needed comfort. This particular scene happens after this.

Lee Tang was seen inside the room, lying on the bed. An unknown woman was sitting on top of him, doing intimate activities. The camera angles shifted from his face to the back side of the woman, who’s seen completely naked. The next shot shows her from the front angle, half-cropped. Lee Tang was having visions of dead people, and was not at all enjoying it, he stayed emotionless for a long time. This scene doesn’t have any depth or emotional bonding with the characters, it’s just commercializing the drama with irrelevant explicit scenes.

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The show was rated 16+ on Netflix for violence, s3x, and suicidal visuals. This particular scene in the first episode itself deserves an 18+ rating. Like Netflix’s shows, they showed an unwanted steamy scene in this show too. Korean dramas were popular for their family-oriented stories, most of the television shows were 13+ ratings.

This particular s33x scene in this show caused so many debates among online portals. One of the main reasons was the scene was totally unwanted and irrelevant to the plot. It didn’t really show any significance in the whole story. Choi Woo Shik received many online criticisms for accepting such a sequence. Netizens requested the Korean drama makers not to add such irrelevant steamy scenes in dramas anymore.

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What are your thoughts on Korean drama makers injecting irrelevant explicit scenes in the shows? Share your views on the comments.


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