Who Is ‘Roh Bin’ In ‘A Killer Paradox’?: Netflix presents an eight-episodic drama named ‘ A Killer Paradox’. The show is an intense crime thriller drama with investigation and action elements. The plot revolves around a boy, who accidentally kills a man and becomes a dark superhero who seeks justice for society.

Roh bin is one of the key characters in this drama. Without Roh Bin, the drama and the story would be incomplete. Roh bin’s character is portrayed by Kim Yo Han. He did an amazing performance and justified the role.

The main lead may be Lee Tang, but the sole reason for his survival and identity, Roh bin played the most important part. Roh bin is an introverted and calm-natured young man on the outside. But inside, he is a cunning and intelligent guy with great skills for escaping from problems. Roh bin specialized in computer hacking, he managed to gather data from the police department about all the criminals. He is a big fan of Batman, his real ambition is to change society for a better future.

Roh bin idolized Batman as his superhero, he tried to eradicate criminals from society. He hired Lee Tang to implement his ideas and visions of giving justice. Roh bin always had a backup to survive any attacks or police inquiries. He cares about Lee Tang very much.

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Roh bin will die for Lee Tang, bin thought Lee had some special powers inside him. His room is full of comic books and toys, he also has a secret room to keep criminal databases, weapons, and illegal documents.

Roh bin’s appearance is a short and fatty young man wearing specs all the time. He doesn’t talk much with anyone other than his comfort zone. Lee Tang was the only friend he had for a long time. Roh bin created a telegram account Only For Heroes to recruit heroic people to the mission. Lee Tang was one of the rarest and favorite partners Roh bin.

The last episode of the series was completely emotional for Roh bin. He never treated anyone like he did for Lee Tang.



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