A Gentleman in Moscow Episode 2: Paramount Plus presents a historical drama series called ‘A Gentlemen in Moscow’. This limited series is based on Amor Towles ‘ famous novel of the same name. The story happened at the 1921 period of the Russian Revolution.

Alexander Rostov, A member of the Russian aristocracy was held captive inside a hotel for a lifetime. The revolutionaries order the soldiers to shoot him if ever gets out of the hotel. The story tells about how he survives and plots his escape to the outer world.

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”A Gentleman in Moscow’ is a historical limited series. The show premiered its first episode on Paramount+ on Friday, March 29, 2024. The series is created by Sam Miller and Sarah O’Gorman. The show has popular stars like Ewan McGregor and Mary Elizabeth Winstead as the main leads. This limited series contains eight episodes in total with a minimum duration of forty minutes. The story deals with the imprisonment period of Alexander Rostov during the Bolshevik Revolution.

The first episode dealt with the prison-like life of Alexander Rostov. After the Bolshevik revolution, in 1921, Alexander Rostov was captured by the Bolshevik soldiers. Alexander Rostov has been ordered to stay at the hotel for the rest of his life. Bolshevik party thought that Alexander Rostov’s poem from 1913 influenced many revolutions. For that cause, they held him captive at the hotel. If he ever goes out of the hotel, he will be shot down by Bolshevik soldiers.

At the luxurious hotel, he has a suit room, which he bought after the revolution, his house was burned to the ground during the revolution. Bolshevik soldiers transferred him to a local room, frequently used by the hotel staff before. They granted him to have good food all the time, but they denied his privilege to use the suitroom.

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The last episode introduced another notable character, Prince Nikolai. He is a former prince of Russia, he was from the royal family and now he is under the control of the Bolshevik party. He sent his family members to Switzerland for their protection from the Bolshevik people. Nikolai used to be a violinist in his childhood days, he is doing it as his current job at the hotel. Alexander Rostov and Nikolai shared their sorrows and planned to escape from the country.

Alexander Rostov gathered money to make fake documents for safe passage on borders. After a few months of being a captive, he met a little girl at the hotel, she showed him many secret doors and paths inside the hotel. Later, Nikolai came up with a plan to escape from the hotel, but the Bolshevik soldiers had already found out about his dealings.

In the end of the first episode, Bolshevik soldiers took Nikolai for the encounter outside the hotel. Meanwhile, Alexander Rostov got shocked and mentally depressed after losing his close friend and only hope for survival.

‘A Gentleman in Moscow’ episode 2 is planned to release on next Friday through Paramount+ around the world. The makers planned to release one episode per week. The 2nd episode will be premiered on April 5th, friday. Out of total eight episodes, paramount+ already released one episode. The first episode from the show is currently streaming through Paramount+.



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