Wedding Impossible Episode 9: Amazon Prime presents a Beautiful romantic South Korean drama called ‘Wedding Impossible’. The drama tells the story of two wealthy brothers from a rich family who fight for each other for a middle-class woman. The elder brother makes a deal with a girl to marry him for a short span to get away from the duties his grandfather going to impose on him.

Younger brother secretly expresses his feelings for the same girl. The story unravels through many hurdles of a triangle relationship. Episode 9 opens with Lee Ji Han and Na A Jeong walking through the street at late night. They couldn’t face each other because of the after-effects of their first kiss. Lee Ji Han suddenly stops walking, he asks Na A Jeong about how she feels about him. Na A Jeong confessed her feelings for him, she is also worried about cheating on Lee Do Han.

Lee Ji Han explains to her that, it’s a waste of time, if she thinks about others’ feelings, at least for a day she should think about their personal feelings. Lee Ji Han slowly touched her hands and went to the bus depot. He asks for a random long bus to travel with Na A Jeong. When a new bus starts its departure, they both enter inside the bus.

Lee Ji Han and Na A Jeong get out of the bus at a random place in the middle of the night. They went to the nearest beach and stayed for some time. They both planned to wander around the place for 24 hours, without thinking about anyone. The next day morning, they went to a hotel, then for shopping clothes and later they walked everywhere like a couple.

Meanwhile, Lee Do Han couldn’t stop thinking about Lee Ji Han’s words about him. He finds out that his ex-boyfriend met with Lee Ji Han and explained about his past. Lee Do Han shouts at his ex-boyfriend, and also learns that a reporter is already in talks with his ex-boyfriend to reveal his secrets.

But his ex-boyfriend confirmed that he never tell anything to the reporter. Lee Do Han’s sister arranges a meeting with the reporter, he gives her an envelope of photos. She is shocked after seeing the kissing photos of Lee Ji Han and Na A Jeong.

Meanwhile, Lee Ji Han and Na A Jeong were walking through the place, when they met an aged woman, who was struggling to carry fertilizers. She seeks help from Lee Ji Han and Na A Jeong, who accept her request and start lifting the package. At the field, Na A Jeong and Lee Ji Han pour the fertilizers, they seem enjoying the day at the new place.

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Later that night, the aged woman gives them delicious food and asks them to stay at her house. They both slept inside the same room, by looking and talking with each other. Na A Jeong wakes up at the early morning and searches for Lee Ji Han near the beach. He is looking at the sea and thinking about Lee Do Han. By the morning, they reached Na A Jeong’s house, they explained the next step to convince Lee Do Han about the relationship.

Lee Ji Han insisted that he would be the first person confess everything with Lee Do Han. Meanwhile, the chairman is already getting ready to announce his next successor, he tells his secretary about giving a position at the company to Lee Ji Han. At the office, the chairman introduced himself as the grandfather of Lee Ji Han in front of his associates.

Meanwhile, Lee Ji Han finds out that his grandfather is trying to make an alliance with Yoon Chae Won and him. Lee Ji Han went to talk to Yoon Chae Won and told the truth about his feelings for Na A Jeong. She got no option but to accept the reality. Later that night, Lee Ji Han went to meet Na A Jeong at her house. Na A Jeong got out of the house to spend time with him. They start expressing the cutest moments with each other.

Na A Jeong was worried that she is the reason for the fight between Lee Ji Han and his brother. Lee Ji Han explains that he is perfectly right and he will explain everything to Lee Do Han. The next day, Lee Ji Han’s sister goes to meet Lee Do Han at his studio, she throws intimate photos of Na A Jeong and Lee Ji Han in front of him.

Lee Do Han was shocked to see their photos, he was unaware of their relationship before. After the conversation, Lee Do Han calls Na A Jeong to his house. They both have a conversation about Lee Do Han’s ex-boyfriend meeting with Lee Ji Han and the relationship between Na A Jeong and Lee Ji Han. While they were talking about the fake marriage, Lee Ji Han interrupted the conversation. He is concerned about the words they’ve used, he is shocked when they explain that the marriage is fake.

Overall the ninth episode is a delightful experience. The initial stages of the romantic relationship between Lee Ji Han and Na A Jeong are portrayed very nicely. On the other hand, the ending of the episode concluded with a chaotic conversation between the brothers.



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