The Impossible Heir Episode 8 Recap: Disney Plus presents a twelve episodic revenge thriller drama called ‘The Impossible Heir’. This South Korean drama revolves around a wealthy family of Korea, an illegitimate son of the chairman of this wealthy family who wants to take control of the company.

He seeks help from his close childhood friend for his greater goals, and with complete loyalty his close friend makes way for his succession. Things get pretty much dark after the illegitimate son shows his true nature of betrayal after getting into a position inside the family.

The eighth episode begins with Kang Inha visiting Han Taeo’s apartment. He spends a few minutes looking around the house. The next scene happens at the prison, Han Taeo is seen walking in chains along with police officers. Suddenly, he remembers a few moments before the death of Kang Inju. The memories had Han Taeo, Kang Inju and a lady seen inside a pub. They are spending time on drinks and drugs. Kang Inju adds some cocaine into the drinks of Han Taeo.

But unconsciously, Han Taeo drinks it and gets dizzy afterwards. Later, Kang Inju took the lady and Han Taeo in his car to another place. During the travel, Han Taeo sees someone else inside the car, but he can’t find out who’s driving the car. The memories once again disappear after that.

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Meanwhile, at Kangoh Company, Chairman Kang Joong Mo asks his secretary about the details of Kang Inju’s death. The Secretary did a background check on Mo Gijun, Kang Inju’s personal secretary. Mo Gijun’s mother died years ago, she also worked at Kangoh group and also got help from Kang Inha in the early days. No one knows that Mo Gijun and Kang Inha had a mysterious connection before.

Chairman Kang Joong Mo also believes that there’s no way Han Taeo will kill someone because of a personal assault. Chairman Kang Joong Mo orders his secretary to gather more information about the murder and the truth about Han Taeo being the killer of Kang Inju.

Meanwhile, the hacker tries to gather more information about the real culprits behind Kang Inju’s murder. He suspects Kang Inha involvement in the murder, so he reaches Kang Inha’s apartment to find more information. While getting into the escalator, the hacker meets Kang Inha and stays silent. Later after following him, the hacker got back to his workspace and checked for more connections.

The hacker found out that Mo Gijun used many burner phones for communication, so he hacked one of his burners, he found Kang Inha’s number in the call history. He calls to Kang Inha’s number and suddenly cuts it. Later, Kang Inha calls Mo Gijun and appreciates for his work, which confirms that they both orchestrated the whole murder.

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Han Taeo hears about his close friend’s betrayal from the hacker. Later after the new trial, the court orders the sentence to death and transfers to a bigger prison. He met some thugs who clashed with him during the academic year. Han Taeo requested a phone from those inmates for a huge amount. Meanwhile, at Kang Inha’s apartment, Inha remembers about him burning Na Hye Won’s photos with Han Taeo.

He gets mad at Na Hye Won, he chocks her neck and pulls her into the bathtub untill she starts to suffocate. The next day, Na Hye Won met Han Taeo, he gave her instructions to join the Kangoh Foundation. Later, Na Hye met the Chairman and told her plans to join the company.

On the other side, Han Taeo’s mother visits him at the prison, which leads to an emotional breakdown for both of them. Chairman Kang Joong Mo tells Kang Inha to attend the dinner along with his wife Na Hye Won. During the dinner, the Chairman announced Na Hye won as the director of Kangoh Future Foundation. Kang Inha got surprised by the decision of his father, he thinks Han Taeo influenced her own taking such decision.

Kang Inha and Mo Gijun kill the driver who witnessed the murder, he also orders Mo Gijun to kill Han Taeo. The next day, Kang Inha visits the North Korean hacker. The same day night, Han Taeo was told to come out of his cell to meet a visitor, and a guard took him out of the prison to murder him.

Overall the episode looks very dark. The creators highly focused on exploring the negative shades of Kang Inha and Mo Gijun in this episode. This episode dealt with the betrayals of close friends, the show is now travelling through a different path from this episode. Let’s see what happens to the hacker and Han Taeo in the next episodes.



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