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Eyk ‘1899’ Netflix | Eyk Larsen Backstory – Why He Was There?

Eyk ‘1899’ Netflix: 1899 has finally arrived on Netflix and it has been making the fans all over in one word, going BONKERS! With the show not only giving us a complex storyline but also a high-tech take on reality itself, we’re in for a crazy ride. The creators of the show have hinted numerous times that “We’re not asking the right questions”.

So, in lieu of that, we thought it’s good to know the backstories of the characters so we’d be able to make sense of 1899 a bit more since there might be some reality to their backstories and not everything that we were shown is supposedly fiction.

Backstory of Eyk Larsen

Eyk Larsen is the captain of the Kerberos who is being chased by his demons. His wife along with his three daughters was burned to death in their house while Eyk was away on a shipping cruise.

Eyk has not been able to come out of that trauma and that clouds his judgment when they come across the Prometheus. Later, we also get to know that Eyk was also the supposed captain of the Prometheus as well.

Eyk is also a major character of the show since he’s the only one that was able to transport himself to the archive of ships when he was transported back to his memory and when he’s out of the shaft, he finds himself on the Prometheus after he was going to attack Daniel in the mental hospital.

Meanwhile, everyone searches for him, he’s already in the archive where everyone comes later when the simulation ends, and Kerberos is also sent to the archive.



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