Slumberland Ending Explained: What are Dreams but a place for our imaginations to run as fast as the speed of light? Dreams encompass the weirdest of ideas into reality and the darkest of thoughts as well and they can also behave as our coping mechanism from a tortured reality, one might want to run away from and find refuge inside their very own, dreams because you are the hero of your own dreams.

There are quite a lot of films that have used dreams to portray the deepest and most meaningful of messages and the newly released Netflix Original Film “Slumberland” touches upon an interesting topic as well. It Starring Jason Momoa, Marlow Barkley with Chris O’Dowd, Kyle Chandler, and Weruche Opia. The film has been directed by Francis Lawrence and is based on the comic strip, “Little Nemo In Slumberland” by Winsor McCay.

Slumberland tells the story of Nemo who lives with her father in a lighthouse. Extremely close with her father, Nemo has been home-schooled and has been taught several skills other than her formal education by her father. Her father tells her the stories of his fantastical adventures. One day, her father after going on an emergency rescue mission never returns and is announced dead.

After that, Nemo is sent to the city under the guidance of her uncle Philip who works for a company that manufactures door knobs and other accessories. His uncle didn’t want to take this responsibility but if he had said no, Nemo would’ve gone to the foster care system and he didn’t want that to happen.

Philip makes several attempts to get Nemo to get comfortable with him but those end up in vain and end up doing what any clueless adult would do, look it up on the internet.

Nemo, one night finds herself waking up to magic when her pet toy pig comes to life and her bed grows legs and takes her to the lighthouse where she had lived before and there she meets Flip, the character from her father’s adventurous tales who has horns like a ram and ears like a cat. From there onwards, Nemo begins her adventures in Slumberland teaming up with Flip to find the mythical pearls that would grant any wish.

It isn’t until later that she realizes the true existence of Flip when her uncle Philip shows her a video of him and her father playing and she realizes that Flip is actually his Uncle Philip but after the death of his brother, he was left with a void and wasn’t able to cope with the reality that he let go of his true self which was Flip and that’s what Nemo finds in Slumberland.

In the end, Nemo finds all the pearls and she also meets her father but comes to accept the reality that her father is gone but the ones that do remain, which is herself and her Uncle Philip, they need to be close and be their true selves if they need to be happy so she wishes that Flip returns to his true self i.e., inside Uncle Philip. Uncle Philip, on the other hand, who hasn’t accepted his brother’s death accepts that and moves on.

Slumberland is an imaginative piece of fiction that delves itself into the coping mechanisms that we create in response to the harsh realities that we are scared to accept and the film does a brilliant job of portraying that to us. It is streaming on Netflix in multiple languages.



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