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Wilderness Marissa’s Husband’s Death Explained

Wilderness Marissa’s Husband’s Death Explained: Prime Video presents a British thriller series, “Wilderness,” currently streaming with six episodes and also available in Hindi and English audio with subtitles. Before discussing this question, let’s have a quick recap of the story. This story revolves around a British couple whose lives take a sudden turn after a trip.

In the series, we have seen Liv and Will Taylor, a seemingly lovely couple. However, they are not as lovely as they appear because they have many problems within their relationship. We discover that Will has multiple affairs, and Marissa is one of them. However, we know very little about Marissa.

She is Will’s colleague and Cara’s best friend. That’s all we know about her. The series doesn’t reveal how her husband died, and we also don’t know anything further about Marissa’s story. At the end of the series, she apologizes to Liv for her involvement with Liv’s husband. So, Marissa does have humanity inside her, but Will doesn’t, as he kept Marissa a secret from Liv.

So, that’s everything about Marissa. If you still have any questions, please feel free to ask without hesitation.


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