Amazon Prime Video presents a six-episode British thriller series, “Wilderness,” which is currently streaming in Hindi and English audio along with subtitles.

After completing the whole series, we might have thought about what the creators wanted to convey through this series. So let me clarify first, it’s not just one thing; instead, it’s a combination of many messages. First, it shows the male-dominated world where anything a man does is deemed acceptable.

After that, it tried to change its direction to showcase women’s empowerment. The character Liv shows us how to move forward alone without any help, and how you can dominate over a man too. When she discovers her husband’s affair with someone, she tries to kill him. Maybe she fails to do that, but she doesn’t let her revenge go incomplete. At the end of the series, she finally destroys her husband single-handedly.

On the other side, we see how Will and Garth always try to exert control over the girls, but for this, they get nothing. Garth dies at the hands of Liv, and Will ends up in jail.

The series shows us how an extramarital affair can destroy a beautiful relationship and also change a human’s nature. It might be slow, but whatever the makers want to convey, they portray it perfectly. That’s why the series delivers a lot of messages.

I hope everything you wanted to know is now clear. Don’t worry if you still have any further questions; you can ask without any hesitation. So, that’s all you wanted to know.



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