Wilderness Episode 2: Previously, we saw that Will had an affair with a woman. So, we must know who she was and how he met her. Let’s start the discussion. So, the road trip continues, with love and care on the outside, but revenge on the inside. That’s the current situation for Liv. This time, Cara joins the trip to Las Vegas, Nevada. Cara is a charming and attractive girl. Is she the one with whom Will had an affair? Let’s find out.

Will becomes nervous when he learns that Cara has a boyfriend named Garth. Will hesitates to join this couple, but when Liv asks about the reason, Will ignores the answer and joins them. Their journey begins in the forest.

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Two weeks earlier, Liv had already researched Cara. So, she knows about her and also knows that her husband had a secret relationship with that lady. She started stalking Cara and discovered her lifestyle. Fortunately, Liv’s mother, Caryl, understood everything, so she always called her daughter to know if everything was okay or not. But Liv is good at hiding things. One day, Liv found her in a bar and followed her into a hotel. There, she found that Cara was talking with Will.

So, Liv knows everything and is an expert at pretending. Later, they enjoyed the beautiful view of the river. In the midst of this, Cara wanted to swim in the river. While watching her closely, Will fell down into a hole. Surprisingly, Cara went to help him before Liv could get there. So, Liv wanted to help him, and she went to assist with Cara. Now, Cara and Liv are together. During this short journey, Cara confessed that Liv is a loyal housewife. So, we can’t find any envious nature in Cara so far.

Liv found a hospital in the forest. So, they took care of Will. Right now, everything is fine, but a problem arises suddenly. After leaving the hospital, Liv found that their personal car was gone, so this time she failed, and with Will, she rode in Cara’s car. Later in the night, Liv took care of Will because his leg was in very bad shape due to the accident. So, Liv and Will talked in Cara’s hotel.

So, Cara sent some of her dresses to Liv, as Liv and Will had lost their things. Wearing Cara’s dresses made Liv shine even more, so Will became speechless. He didn’t want to join Cara’s family, so he went for some alone time. It seems like Will was actually not happy with Liv wearing those dresses, so he turned her down. Later, Liv actually understood that those lewd dresses didn’t suit her. Cara tried to understand Liv, and it seems they became intimate.

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Will wasn’t happy about that. He still wants to know what Liv was talking about with Cara, but Liv hides this. Things between Liv and Will aren’t good at all. They started quarreling with each other, and Will left her. Later, Will started drinking at the bar, upset about his marriage. While he tried to leave, he met Cara.

Cara was sad and wanted to say something to him. What did she want to say to him? Before disclosing it, we jump back into Liv’s room. She was also emotionally broken and drank too much. When she woke up from her dream, she started looking for Will but couldn’t find him in her room. Instead, she found Will’s phone. While checking Will’s phone, she saw a message from an unknown person, who wanted to meet Will at a waterfall.

Liv ran there because she thought she could find Will there. Unfortunately, there was someone there with a red raincoat, and Liv pushed that person. Wait, who was it? What really happened between Cara and Will? Let’s find out in the next episode.



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