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Why was Private Investigator Joachim Jurgens looking for Mike Atlas?

Joachim believed Mike to be a part of the conspiracy and was looking for him to find out more about it and who else is involved because Mike found the evidence that eventually proves Mussa guilty. Joachim goes looking for Mike at his home after the death of Mussa and finds his daughter instead and tells her that he’s an old friend and has been trying to reach Mike.

Mike’s daughter, Tinka, thinks it might be a good surprise, so she agrees to help him reach his father. Since Mike had no phone on him, Tinka says she’ll let him know the next time he calls her. Later, Mike calls Tinka, and Tinka then gives his cell number to Joachim. Joachim tracks this number and tries to find Mike, but Mike throws that phone in a garbage bin. Unable to locate him, Joachim reaches his daughter again and tells her he didn’t answer.

Later, Mike tries again, reaching his daughter, looking for her friend. This time, they plan to meet in person. Tinka tells Joachim about this plan and tells him to pick her up so that they can surprise her father. Joachim uses this to his advantage and calls Mike to tell him that his daughter is with him, and if he wants to see her, he should meet him in one hour.

Mike rushes to the mentioned location and finds Joachim alone. Upon asking, he tells him that his daughter is safe, and there’s no need to worry as he would never hurt her.

Mike and Joachim talk about the Herres case, and he asks him about the conspiracy and who else is involved but finds Mike has no recollection of the event and realizes he might have been wrong about him all along.



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